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Wisconsin Plate


Grilled Brats

It turns out that we are not the only ones having fun with Wisconsin foods.  Taylor Hicks is hosting a new series this fall called State Plate.  The winner of season five on “American Idol” is traveling to states to find specific foods for which each state is known.  He has recently visited Wisconsin looking for classic Wisconsin foods that represent our heritage and our iconic food items.  On his tour he had great fun meeting our state’s producers of five of our delightful edibles.  He has specifically explored our:


Danish Kringle

  • Cheese curds
  • Sheboygan Bratwurst
  • German Sauerkraut
  • BooYah in Green Bay
  • Danish Kringle from Racine

As he travels around the states he plans to visit I am sure the Wisconsin treats will be his favorite.  We thank Taylor and the folks at State Plate for visiting our state and for presenting our special treats to their audience. Make sure to tune in this Friday at 8pm CT!

Beer Brats and Knockwurst

Beer brats and knockwurst

These sausages top the list of favorite Wisconsin foods. Grill brats, broil brats, steam brats, or fry brats, any way you cook bratwurst, some Wisconsinite will coming running with a pint of beer to help you cook and party.

Sheboygan Bratwurst

Cook knockwurst too and show you’re in the know of good German-Wisconsin food.

No, sauerkraut isn’t a required side-dish for your bratwurst or knockwurst. But skip serving it and you’ll miss out on a healthy veggie. Now I understand that some folks, -the un-initiated, fear the pickled cabbage. In which case, German potato salad can stand in instead.

But how to cook beer bratwurst and knockwurst sausages? Keep reading for some recipes from Wisconsin chefs.

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Wisconsin Bratwursts, Chicago Hot Dogs, German Weisswursts – It’s Time to Light the Grill and Slap on the Sausages!

It’s spring break and the kids and I are visiting family in Chicagoland, which means we’re not technically in the city, but we’re minutes away from its border and absolutely everything we eat, drink, do, and read is influence by the city. This cultural wonderland has captivated my children: “Mom! There are SO MANY kid TV shows! You won’t believe it! Arthur is on in the morning AND at night.” I try to get them outside, but after one walk around the block they come back in. “There’s nothing to do, Mom. There’s no snow!”

No snow…I pause to appreciate this long-awaited news. I’m almost giddy. Perennials are poking up in Mom’s garden. My dad is grilling. Last night I marinated chicken using Mom’s recipe for Lemon Barbecued Chicken. It turned out fantastic! – moist with a nice lemon accent. I’ll post the recipe on the side page: Everyday dinners easy enough to cook every day.

Grilled Bratwurst

Will snow be past and perennials present when we return to Wisconsin tomorrow? Not likely. But folks may be grilling. Wisconsinites start lighting charcoal when temperatures approach 50 degrees. Yes, bratwurst season is dawning!

I like bratwursts – especially in a bun with mustard that’s piled high with sauerkraut. I especially like sauerkraut. If you don’t think you do, try a different brand – they are NOT all alike.

My husband, John, likes brats too, but the two years he lived in Chicago during his salad days left an indelible mark on him, – he prefers Chicago-style hot dogs. He makes them at home according to a very strict recipe. It’s the same recipe adhered to by Chicago-style hot dog connoisseurs Mitch and Kevin of Hot Dog Chicago Style.com. John knows these hot dog guys and for a short time joined their quest for the BEST Madison Chicago dog. For a while, they most favored the Chicago dogs served off the cart at Home Depot – the Home Depot at the junction of the Beltline and Verona Rd. Passionate quests for the ultimate Chicago dog are common for Chicagoans transplanted to Wisconsin. Even our busy, former Madison mayor, Paul Soglin, has hit the streets searching for a true Chicago-style hot dog. Like most Chicagoans, he is a self-elected expert on the subject. You can read his favorable critique of one contender that he found on a Madison street-cart. 

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