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Oktoberfest In Wisconsin

oktoberfest-party-1Image result for dirndlWisconsin  is full of influences from its rich German heritage, and nowhere is this more evident than in the annual celebration of Oktoberfest. Throw on a lederhosen or a drindl and head to your local Wisconsin Oktoberfest celebration! Enjoy the brats, beer, and other German fare that have made Oktoberfest a beloved celebration here in the states.

If you can’t make it to an Oktoberfest celebration in person, take a look at some of the Oktoberfest gifts available over on

Bavaria Bratwurst SamplerBavaria’s Octoberfest Bratwurst Sampler 1 includes one 4 pack of Knackwurst, one 5 pack of Red Lager Beer Bratwurst, one 6 pack of Nurnberger Bratwurst, one 5 pack of Munich Weisswurst and one 5 pack of Smoked Bratwurst. All varieties are pre-cooked and ready for the grill or frying pan. Approximately 5-6 lbs. This Octoberfest Bratwurst Sampler makes for the perfect German Oktoberfest grill out!

Need something sweet to combine with all the beer and brats. This German Chocolate Cake with Caramel Vodka is a delicious bundt cake made with premium ingredients. This moist, deeply rich chocolate cake is made with crunchy pecans and moist coconut topping. A buttery, caramel vodka glaze tops it off perfectly. Our German Chocolate Cake with Caramel Vodka by STF Enterprises is a perfect dessert for any special occasion and makes a unique gift.

Bavaria Munich BratwurstMunich Weisswurst is a Bavarian specialty made from the finest cuts of veal and pork with mild spices. Just heat and serve. Weisswurst is a very tender and super mild bratwurst – use low heat so as not to break open the casing. Approximately 4 bratwurst to a pound. A delicious addition to your German parties!

Octoberfest Celebrations – Beer and Bratwurst

Oktoberfest is a 16-day beer festival that is held annually in Munich Germany. The event has been celebrated in Germany since 1810. It started that year as a prenuptial festivity for a royal wedding and it was so popular an event,  it was recreated every year after, always starting in September  and ending in October. Oktoberfest  is not only one of the most famous  events in Germany,  it is one of the world’s largest festivals, with more than 6 million people from around the world attending the event every year.

In 1999 there were six and a half million visitors –  72% are from Bavaria,  the rest of from all over the world,  including the United States, Canada, Australia and East Asia. Not only is beer flowing but a number of foods are served during the festival including chicken, ham hocks, sausages, bratwurst,  weisswurst and others.  For more information about the historical Oktoberfest in Germany you can go to wikipedia.

If you can’t get to Germany, and many of us cannot, there are some great US Oktoberfest celebrations as well. Given that about 20 percent of  Americans  claim to have some German ancestry,  it has become a very popular event in many cities in the US.

In Wisconsin there are numerous cities that enjoy day long Oktoberfest festivals with lots of beer, bratwurst, knockwurst and weisswurst.  German heritage in Wisconsin is very prominent throughout these cities and it is definitely a must-attend festivity for beer and bratwurst lovers.  Below are just a few of the cities in Wisconsin that yearly celebrate their German heritage by hosting this beer loving event.
Appleton – Sept 27 and 28
New Glarus  – Sept 27 – 29.
Chippewa Falls – Sept 20 – 22.
Milwaukee – Sept 6-7, 13-14, 20-21, 27-28
La Crosse – Sept 27 – October 5

Oktoberfest Party Checklist

Follow these easy steps to make your Oktoberfest party Wunderbar!oktoberfest-party-1


Dress the part.  For guys, rock the lederhosen. Ladies play “Heidi” in a drindl, also known as the “beer girl dress”.


Get Decorating. Turn your backyard into a beer garden with German flags and blue and white Bavarian table cloths.

Grill some brats. Bratwurst by Bavaria Sausage Kitchen will bring the taste of Germany to your party.  Serve in hard rolls with sauerkraut, German mustard, and curry ketchup.  For dessert, serve Oktoberfest party guest decadent German chocolate cake.

Don’t forget Das Boot. If you haven’t played this party game, you’re missing out on some fun.  Drinking out of a boot is trickier than it looks- drink too fast and you could get splashed in the face!
Dance the polka. You might think that you don’t like polka, but I dare you to listen to a polka CD without taping your foot along to the tuba beat! No Oktoberfest party is complete without, polka music, and if you have a friend who can teach everyone some basic polka steps, even better, you’ll have a barrel of fun.

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Bratwurst! Some say beer, but bratwurst are the main attraction at Oktoberfest parties in Wisconsin.

Bratwurst and polka dancing, to be fair. While the bratwursts sizzle, the accordion bands fire up the festival-goers. Everybody twirls, skips, and wiggles. They work up a gigantic thirst, which they wash down with Oktoberfest beer, and a humongous appetite which they satisfy with German-style BRATWURSTS. 

Bratwurst, beer, and polka – they’re our Oktoberfest trio of fun.

We Wisconsinites used to polka dance like the pros, back a century or so ago. Polka rhythm and steps were passed down through the German families who first settled in Wisconsin. But somehow over the years, our polka dancing became less authentic, less true to its origins, – unlike our bratwursts. Wisconsin chefs still make bratwurst with traditional seasonings and methods. Unfortunately  our polka dancing didn’t fare so well.

Eventually, our traditional polka, which began as a variation of the waltz, transmuted into The Wisconsin Chicken Dance. How? Maybe it was all the beer. We lost our inhibitions and began dancing like barn animals. Or, more likely, it was all the bratwurst. Keep reading watch us dance, and check out the Wisconsin Oktoberfest schedule.

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