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Beat The Summer Heat – Delicious Wisconsin Ice Cream

As the dog days of summer well and truly descend upon us here in the Upper Midwest,  there’s only one way to beat the heat: with ice cream, of course! There’s a reason July is National Ice Cream Month. This time of year, it seems like everywhere I go I see ice cream shops with lines out the door. There’s nothing quite like trying a delicious new flavor for the first time after a long day in the sweltering summer heat.

Cool off this summer with some of our delicious Wisconsinmade ice cream products.

The University of Wisconsin has been making and selling highly acclaimed gourmet ice cream for over 90 years on the campus of the University of Babcock Hall Ice CreamWisconsin-Madison. Why not try a few of the most popular flavors and see why Babcock Ice Cream has frequently been voted Best of Madison by Madison Magazine. You can now have delivered to your door fond memories of the Union Terrace and your favorite Babcock Ice Cream.

Blue Moon Ice Cream - 8 PintsCheck out a Midwestern favorite – Blue Moon Ice Cream. The Blue Moon Ice Cream is a blue, fruity flavored ice cream. Enjoy 8 pints of the Blue Moon flavor from two of Wisconsin’s most popular ice cream makers. Depending on availability, your order will be filled with Blue Moon Ice Cream from the following Wisconsin brands – Chocolate Shoppe Ice Cream and Door County Ice Cream Factory. On occasion, if one of the ice cream brands is temporarily unavailable, only one brand will be shipped. A fun treat and a special gift for a birthday or any occasion.

Chocolate Shoppe Ice Cream - 6 pints

Chocolate Shoppe Ice Cream is a family-owned business established in 1962. Located in Madison, Wisconsin, the Chocolate Shoppe prides itself in manufacturing super premium ice cream. It’s super premium because it’s made with rich Wisconsin cream (with a high butterfat content), delicious natural ingredients, and no BGH additives. In addition to ice cream, the company produces sorbet, sherbet, non-fat yogurt, and no sugar added ice cream. All products offer exceptional quality and unbeatable value. A wide variety of flavors include many Wisconsin State Fair Award Winners. According to the Chocolate Shoppe, their ice cream is “not low-fat, low-calorie, or low-anything, and that’s why everyone loves it.”

Final Christmas push

Not done yet?  Still have a few more on your list?  What to do?

Shipping deadlines to arrive before Christmas for many items have pasted.


Pecan and Raspberry Kringles

But orders through Dec. 20th for Kringle will ship on the 21st and should arrive almost everywhere by the 24th.

Additionally the  “month club” gifts feature monthly deliveries of selected items and are announced to the recipient via a mailing that lets them know about the coming months gifts.


Wisconsinmade cheese and sausage


The available month clubs from include:


Wisconsinmade gift card

And the Wisconsinmade gift cards can be delivered by US mail or electronically via email in minutes.

The entire team at Wisconsinmade and all of our Artisan partners wish you and your families a Merry Christmas.  When you share these treats remember they were all

Made With Pride and Passion in Wisconsin

Pumpkin Spice

Pumpkin spice!  Are you a fan…or have you had just about enough of all things pumpkin spiced?  Available are Pumpkin Spice flavored –

  • Latte’s, ice cream, cupcakes, milkshakes
  • Bagels, granola, multiple beers, corn puffs
  • M&M’s, bars, brittle, yogurt, peeps
  • marshmallows, tea, Twinkies, kettle corn
  • Ice cream, Oreos, almonds, macaroons, Kalua
  • cream cheese, cookies, mini wheats, English muffins

Where will it all end?


Pumpkin Cream Cheescake


Pumpkin Spice Caramel Corn

The fall season brings out all things pumpkin and most people enjoy that.  And I will admit to a particular fondness for the Wisconsinmade Pumpkin Cream Cheesecake   And maybe a latte or two.  And some Wisconsinmade Pumpkin Spice Carmel Corn.  And pumpkin ice cream. OK, so I guess I am a fan.  But it is possible to overdue a good thing right?

Wisconsin being an agricultural state grows lots of pumpkins and hosts fall harvest festivals.  Each fall the city of Cedarburg, Wisconsin hosts a pumpkin contest as part of their Wine and Harvest Festival .  The winning pumpkin came in at 2,145 pounds.  It was grown in Streator, Illinois, by a man named Gene McMullen.  Over a ton in one pumpkin!

If you too are into a variety of the refined tastes of pumpkin items visit our pumpkin pages at where all of these quality items are

Made with Pride and Passion in Wisconsin.

I Scream For Ice Cream

Babcock Hall Ice cream pints

Recently Reuters published an article detailing the changing tastes in the ice cream market.  Among other changes noticed in the worldwide markets for ice cream they reported that consumers are turning to niche brands with unusual ingredients.  The mindset they quoted was “If I’m gonna have some ice cream, it’s gotta be the good stuff.”

Here in Wisconsin, the dairy state, we specialize in “the good stuff.”  The University of Wisconsin Madison has as part of their agriculture school an entire laboratory and production facility devoted Babcock Hall ice cream productionto the process of producing high quality ice cream and teaching students how it is done.  As a result Wisconsin manufacturers include Chocolate Shoppe, Cedar Crest and the UW’s own Babcock Hall  brands of ice cream.  Graduates from this program are in high demand.


Flavor selections offers these ice creams for delivery packed with dry ice in a reusable foam cooler.  Also available are delicious ice cream toppings to add to the treat.  Looking for unique flavors of ice cream?  How about these items:

  • Cookie dough                              Black Licorice
  • Mint Chocolate                             Coconut Almond
  • Cookies and cream                      Espresso Oreo
  • Mocha Machiatto                          Machinac Island fudge
  • Orange custard chocolate chip    Mint Avalanche
  • Blue moon                                     Zanzibar Chocolate

On a hot summer day a cool dish of special ice cream hits the spot.  So join the international trend and get “some of the good stuff” for you and your family at Wisconsinmade.

Ice Cream! – Made with pride and passion in Wisconsin.

Wisconsin’s summer picnic

Summer in Wisconsin provides beautiful days that are just about perfect.  Temperatures in the 70’s, blue skies, light breeze – perfect for an outdoor picnic.


Wisconsin Capitol building in Spring

capitol glow at 900 pix

Evening sunset reflected on one wing of the Wisconsin State Capitol during a Concert on the Square

Many cities in Wisconsin host summer evening outings that involve music, food and a general picnic atmosphere.  Madison residents have organized a “group picnic” called Concerts on the Square.  The Square in this reference is the Capitol Square, a block in downtown Madison centered by the beautiful Wisconsin State Capitol building.  Thanks to many generous sponsors and individual voluntary contributions for six Wednesday evenings each summer the  Wisconsin Chamber Orchestra plays a free concert on the steps at one corner of the building while thousands of folks sit on blankets and folding chairs, enjoy the music and a picnic.  There are food and beverage vendors to provide a selection of local picnic fare, or many bring their own picnic baskets.  Upwards of 25, 000 people show up for this community picnic each week.

Each concert has a “theme” and usually a guest performer joins the orchestra.  A recent presentation featured songs from the rock group The Eagles performed by members of Jeans ‘n Classics, a Canadian group that melds popular music with orchestras.  They also did a nice version of Bolero on July 15, 2015.

If you are near Madison in the summer don’t miss the Wisconsin made picnic Concerts on the Square.

8 Ways to Celebrate June Dairy Month


June is National Dairy Month and since Wisconsin has 1.26 million cows, we celebrate dairy month better than anyone! Here are 8 fun ways to celebrate dairy!
1. Attend a Dairy Month event.  From farm breakfasts to cheese carving contests, there’s plenty of places to go and fun activities to enjoy in June. Check out the Dairy Days of Summer website for a complete list of events around Wisconsin.
2. Fight osteoporosis. Did you know 54 million Americans have osteoporosis? This disease occurs when bones become weak due to loss of density. The National Osteoporosis Foundation encourages everyone to get enough calcium in their diet to prevent bone loss and dairy products are the best way to get calcium, so drink your milk!
3. Eat ice cream. I can’t think of a tastier way to enjoy dairy than ice cream! Legend has it that in 1881, the first ice cream sundae was served in Two Rivers, Wisconsin when a customer at a soda fountain asked for a dish of ice cream with chocolate sauce on top.

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Wisconsin Food at the Wisconsin State Fair

The Wisconsin State Fair this year runs from August 1 – August 11 and one of the main attractions at the fair every year is the outstanding quality food products which Wisconsin has to offer. Given we are known nationally for our gourmet food, it is no wonder the State Fair has a number of pavilions dedicated to serving up these delectable tasty treats. One such tasty treat is the Cream Puff. If you have never had one, it is a must stop for anyone attending the fair. They truly win a Blue Ribbon attraction.  The cream puffs have their own air conditioned pavilion. There is always a line for the cream puffs, and you can expect anywhere from 25 to over 100 people – but no matter, the line moves fast and while you are standing in line you can  watch, through the display windows, the cream puff chefs making these exquisite creations. The chefs are fun to watch, and they often wave to the public and jester to let us know how much they appreciate our interest.  If you get tired of watching the chefs, then turn your eyes on the people eating the cream puffs.  There are tables to stand at right there in the pavilion where people can dive in and start eating immediately without having to go outside.

wisc-food-state-fair And, if you take a look at the picture of the cream puff, you will understand how fun it might be to watch people try to take a bite out of the cream puff without trajectoring the scrumptious cream center onto the table or person standing next to them.  And not to mention the powdered sugar that gets all over a person’s face and clothing when trying to eat one of the monstrous pastries – what fun!!!  Now the more experienced cream puff eaters (I happen to be one of them) separate the top from the bottom and, as they are separating them,  they make sure there is plenty of cream on both sides. Then one can take a bite without getting too much cream or powdered sugar on their smilling faces.  Yes, they are all smiling because they taste sooo……. Good!.

Although the cream puff is the main food attraction,  there is also a huge Wisconsin Food Pavilion dedicated to all the other gourmet food products Wisconsin is known for. You will find bratwurst, sausage, meats, cranberries, maple syrup, cheese, ice cream, cherries, honey and much more. And, while you are in the Wisconsin Food  Pavilion, don’t miss out on the Grilled Cheese Sandwiches – they are a tasty treat with Read Wisconsin  Cheddar Cheese. By the way, if you miss out on the Fair this year, many of these gourmet food products can be found at all year round.

Ice Cream – A Wisconsin Tradition

Ice cream is a Wisconsin tradition. The average American consumes 23 quarts of ice cream or
other frozen dairy products each year – that’s almost 6 gallons! If that sounds
like a lot of ice cream, blame Wisconsin. Ranking #3, only behind the District
of Columbia and Rhode Island, Wisconsinites significantly raise the average by
eating over 10 gallons of ice cream per person!

ice-creamWhy do we love our frozen treats so much?
Well, besides the hot and humid summers, ice cream is engrained in Wisconsin’s
history. Built in 1951, Madison plays home to the oldest university dairy
building in the United States:  Babcock
Hall Dairy Plant.

In case you forgot, July is National Ice Cream Month! Upon
proclamation in 1984, President Reagan called for all Americans to observe the
ice cream event with “appropriate ceremonies and activities.” Anyone from
Wisconsin knows that appropriate celebration always includes a few scoops (or
pints) of Babcock’s famous ice cream.

But no matter where you’re from, everybody loves ice cream.
It’s reported that 98% of all households purchase ice cream. The biggest ice
cream eaters? Children under 13 and adults age 45+.

5 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Wisconsin Food

5-things-probably-didnt-know-wisc-food1. Wisconsin ranks 3rd in potato production in the USA.  In fact, Wisconsin grows the most potatoes of any state East of the Mississippi according the Wisconsin Potato and Vegetable Grower’s Association. 

2. The first ice cream sundae was dished up in Two Rivers, Wisconsin.  According to the Wisconsin Historical Society, a regular customer came to a soda fountain and asked if he could have some chocolate sauce (usually reserved only for sodas) on top of his ice cream scoop. The shop’s owner thought he was crazy, but once he tried it he liked it so much that he started selling the concoction for five cents, and the sundae was born!

3. Studies show that eating cheese can help prevent tooth decay. We all know that eating sugary foods can cause tooth decay and cavities, but did you know cheese has the opposite effect? Studies show that eating cheese can help reduce the buildup of acids that damage your teeth. Yet another reason to enjoy some Wisconsin cheese!

4. Wisconsin is home to the world’s only Master Meat Crafter program. You may have heard of a Wisconsin Master Cheesemaker, but every year the University of Wisconsin Meat Science laboratory trains a group of Master Meat Crafters. Applicants must have at least five years of experience in the meat industry to apply. Check out my blog post about the first group of Master Meat Crafters.

5. Cranberries don’t grow in water. You’ve seen the cranberry commercials with the two guys standing around in a cranberry bog, so you probably guessed that cranberries grow in water. Not so! They actually grow on vines that are low to the ground, then the growers flood the fields so the cranberries will float to the top for easy harvesting!

For more Wisconsin food facts, check out my 100 Wisconsin Food Facts blog post!

4 Wedding Cake Alternatives

I have a confession that might cause some controversy. I think wedding cake is kind of boring. There! I said it! Don’t get me wrong, I like cake in general, and if you read this blog you know I’m a passionate foodie, but at most weddings I’ve attended, the cake isn’t exciting enough to get me off the dance floor. Now that my big day is coming up, I’m looking at wedding cake alternatives. Something to make my guests say “WOW!” this is different!










Pie– Rustic weddings are all the rage right now. Even brides who’ve never even met a farmer want to get married in rustic and romantic barns. Whenever I see a pie, I picture it cooling on the window sill of a farmhouse all day, so a pie enhances that rustic vibe. You can even get creative with cake stands and fancy displays for your pie assortment.





4-wedding-cake-2Cookies can make a fabulous favor, dessert or both! In Pennsylvania and Ohio, a cookie table is a wedding tradition. The bride and groom set up a huge table and fill it with cookies made by their friends and family. Guests receive decorative bags that they can fill with cookies of their choice. For a more formal look, shop for expertly decorated sugar cookies at a local bakery or online at





4-wedding-cake-3Cake Push Pops- This is still cake, but it will definately spark your guest’s interest! This eye catching dessert display is made of plastic push pops filled with layers of cake and frosting. I saw this particular display at a wedding show, so talk to your local bakery to find if they can create cake push pops!













4-wedding-cake-4Ice Cream– Now that I think about it, I prefer birthday cake over wedding cake. Why? Birthday cake usually comes with ice cream! Serve up some ice cream along with your wedding cake, or better yet, make the ice cream the star by having an ice cream sundae bar. That way, guests can create their own ice cream treats, and the interactive element of adding their own toppings will bring an extra level of fun!





The most important part of picking your wedding dessert is to make sure it expresses your personality as a couple. Did you meet at the University of Wisconsin in Madison? Serve some Babcock Hall Ice Cream. Do you bleed Packer green and gold? Have Packer cookies as favors! Forget the traditions and express your personality on your special day!


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