Welcome back to Ground Hog Day! Bill Murry’s movie, Ground Hog Day, prompts this family to celebrate the holiday as “Do-over Day”! On Ground Hog Day I take a favorite recipe and do it again. Shepherds pie is this year’s repeat dinner. It’s a kid favorite, – last night my children ate 2nd and 3rd helpings of this mashed potatoes over ground beef and vegetable comfort food. So that counts as do-overs for them and comfort for me.  

Holidays provide marvelous opportunity to play with food. And the whole silliness of Ground Hog Day cannot be missed! Time to cook with kids! I envisioned our edible ground hogs on top of the shepherds pie looking like they had just risen from their snow-covered burrows to assess the state of winter. My 10-year-old is always game to play with food, but together we met our match in carving potato ground hogs. We had lots of do-overs. Now potatoes might look like they can be easily carved into ground hogs, – russet potatoes are the right color, they’re firm and generally oval-shaped. But such is not the case. Click on “continue reading…” for more of the story.

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