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Touring Wisconsin Food

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Home-Cooking: Dinner of Chicken Yum-Yum Served With Disguised Zucchini

One of my most favorite meals as a child, and as an adult, is chicken yum-yum with rice and zucchini. My mom made this dinner frequently when I was a kid. I know why. It was easy, and we all  liked it. The chicken is essentially baked chicken, but as they say, the secret’s in the sauce. That’s the yum-yum part; my brother and I named it. The zucchini doesn’t have to accompany the chicken. Any green vegetable will do. But I serve zucchini because my kids like it when it’s disguised.

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Wisconsin Recipes

Looking to cook some Wisconsin Recipes? Here are links to delicious recipes using ingredients made in Wisconsin. From the traditional to the goofy- it’s all Wisconsin food all the time!

Recipes by Wisconsin Ingredient


It’s no secret we love beer in Wisconsin. Not only do we drink beer, but we cook with beer too.




 Everyone knows Wisconsin has the best wursts! Try some of these easy and delicious bratwrust recipes for dinner tonight. 




If you’ve ever been to America’s Dairyland, you know Wisconsin has the best cheese selection around.  From fried cheese curds to grilled cheese, I love to use Wisconsin cheese in fun and creative ways.

 Maple Syrup 

Wisconsin is one of the biggest maple syrup producers in the United States.


From salad to cookies, I am always on the look out for new ways to use healthy and delicious cranberries. 


Traditional Wisconsin Recipes

Some yummy recipes with a Wisconsin twist.




Other Wisconsin Made Ingredients 

You may not think of bacon or popcorn when you think of Wisconsin, but both are produced here.  This is the section for recipes with the less recognized Wisconsin ingredients.

 Recipes from Wisconsin Cookbooks

I am lucky enough to have access to all of the cookbooks from – here are some recipes from Wisconsin cookbooks.



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