Here’s an easy cheese bread recipe I dug out of my mom’s recipe box. It takes 10 minutes to make and 45 minutes to bake. So just one hour before your dinner party guests arrive, you can pop bread dough into the oven that soon is ready to adorn the fanciest of party dinner tables.cheese-bread-1

This cheese bread looks elegant because it is in the shape of a crown. The bread is all puffed up and the cheese, once melted, gets baked on top. But better than this bread’s looks is its smell. It’s heddy with the scent of home-cooking that conjures feelings of safety, family, and love. There’s no better aroma than that of this homemade bread to greet guests as they enter your house. Definitely a recipe to make if you’re trying to sell your house by having an open house.

You can make this cheese bread with either cheddar cheese or parmesan cheese. My mom always made it with parmesan cheese. She used Kraft’s crumbled parmesan. That’s good. The other day I made it with shredded parmesan cheese made at a local Wisconsin dairy. That’s better.

And the dough? Keep reading, it may surprise you, unless you knew my mother.

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