New Thanksgiving dinner ideas are sorely needed at this time of year. At least that’s my opinion. My youngest child has Thanksgiving dinner all figured out. Ask that 7-year-old what he wants for Thanksgiving dinner and he answers, “Turkey and cranberry sauce.” Press him for more ideas and he’ll give you, “mashed potatoes, stuffing, watermelon, apple pie, vanilla ice cream, and milk”. Insist he add a green vegetable, and he concedes, “tossed salad”. Except for the watermelon, I’ve been to that Thanksgiving dinner…and done that.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I love Thanksgiving. The whole idea of Thanksgiving dinner with family and friends I applaud. It’s just the actual dinner menu that frustrates me. As I’ve lamented before, who has the numerous ovens needed to cook all those traditional Thanksgiving dinner foods at one time? Thanksgiving dinner requires a culinary alacrity I lack.

So last night I challenged my family to think outside the turkey box. I pumped their creativity by first asking them to name their favorite foods. My son answered chocolate-covered crickets, monkey brains, and rust. His older sister insisted he give realistic answers, so he added, “Skittles and lollipops”.

She, the wise 11-year-old, said her favorite food was macaroni and cheese pizza and suggested we have that for Thanksgiving dinner. In honesty, I think my stomach churns more with the macaroni and cheese pizza idea than with the chocolate-covered insects.

The children then asked me for my Thanksgiving dinner ideas. Keep reading.

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