soda-cake-recipe-1 Soda cake is all the rage lately, mostly amoung dieters who use diet soda to make a lower calorie cake. But who says you can’t make your soda cake with regular soda? No one! The flavor combinations are endless- yellow cake mix with rootbeer, chocolate cake mix with orange soda, white cake mix with cream soda…I could keep going.  This soda cake also makes a great birthday cake for your soda loving friends.  Have a buddy who loves Sprecher’s rootbeer? Bake them a rootbeer cake for their birthday party. Continue reading to see the ridiculously easy soda cake recipe.

Soda Cake Recipe


1 box of cake mix

1 egg

12oz can/bottle of soda, Recommended: Blumer’s Premium Soda (picture below)

1. Mix these ingredients together to make your cake batter, then bake according to package directions.

2. Top with your favorite store bought icing and sprinkles!



  • Use only these ingredients! No oil- just egg, soda, and cake mix.
  • For the lighter version, use diet soda and 1 egg white in place of the egg and soda.
  • Be aware that white cake mix will be the color of the soda.  So if you use a blue soda and white cake mix, your cake will be blue…I’m not generally a fan of blue food but if you are, go for it!

 Rootbeer, orange, blueberry cream, black cherry, cream soda, diet root beer… so many options!