This recipe for rhubarb cake is a favorite of Darlene Kronschnabel, writer, farm-woman, and Wisconsin chef. Her Seasons In A Country Kitchen Cookbook showcase some of Wisconsin’s best, hand-me-down-and-pass-me-around recipes for foods raised and cooked on Wisconsin farms in winter, spring, summer and autumn. Her stories entertain with warm and humorous descriptions of rural Wisconsin life as it once was, and in some parts of Wisconsin, still is. For Darlene, rhubarb holds a special place of honor in the garden because it heralds the arrival of springtime. After the long, frigid Wisconsin winter, Darlene and her family called rhubarb “A country-style spring tonic”. Stalks from my own rhubarb plant were ready to harvest this weekend, and in they went to Darlene’s rhubarb cake! Click on ‘Continue reading…’ for the recipe.

As soon as the cake was baked, the kids, dog, and I hit the road for some Wisconsin, springtime recreation. We pointed our mini-van north on Highway 12 and high-tailed it to Devil’s Lake State Park. This pristine lake nestled within wooded hills and high rocky bluffs is a favorite site for Wisconsin vacations. It’s a Mecca which beckons southern Wisconsinites at least once a summer for recreation. Rock climbers test their skill on the steep cliffs while below children swim in the lake, parents picnic, and fishermen fish. It’s THE get-away place for Wisconsinites fleeing computers and concrete .

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