Sometimes I advance in life by fits and spurts rather than sustained, steady progress. To be sure, when I set out on a path, I always intend diligent, scheduled progress toward the goal. But then, natural interruptions impose, and when I get back on track, I’m running to make-up lost ground. And this is exactly what happened with our family alphabet game.

In January, we decided to ready 5-year old Dave for kindergarten by having a weekly party for each letter of the alphabet. In our party game, Lauren (8) and Dave write the ‘Letter of the Week’ and post it on the door; they put items beginning with the letter in a special alphabet box, and I bake something that begins with the letter. We got up to ‘D’ by baking dog biscuits for the dog. But after the biscuits gave the kids tummy aches, the game stalled. However, kindergarten looms!

So, yesterday we had a re-do for ‘D’ and finished off ‘E’ and ‘F’! While the kids argued over who got to put Elmo in the box, I made Deviled Eggs and French Toast. (No, I’m not going to claim we covered ‘T’.)

I didn’t want to make ordinary deviled eggs, despite my kids’ preference for mayonnaise and yolks mixed together and slapped back into egg whites. Instead, I created deviled eggs that I would be proud to serve at an adult party. In a relative wink, I mixed up Lou’s Deviled Eggs.

The recipe comes from one of my new favorite cookbooks, Seasons in a Country Kitchen Cookbook. The book is Darlene Kronschnabel’s compilation of Wisconsin farm recipes and stories. Keep reading for this recipe and a wonderful recipe for Baked Orange French Toast from Donna Weihofen’s book: Mom’s Updated Recipe Box: 250 Family Favorites Made Quick and Healthy. The orange flavor makes Donna’s french toast recipe a twist on the standard favorite. Plus it can be partially prepared ahead of time and later baked in the oven, which makes it a contender for a festive adult brunch.

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