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Touring Wisconsin Food

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Wisconsin Football

Wisconsin football fans gotta’ eat too. So what Wisconsin food to serve at home or tailgating? Here are some suggestions and football party recipes.

First off, it’s fun to color-coordinate your football party food with Wisconsin football team colors. That’s easy; green and gold cheese for the Green Bay Packers; red hot sausages and State Street brats for the University of Wisconsin Badgers.

But we can be more creative. After all, there’s more to Wisconsin football party food than cheese and sausage. There’s venison sausage, – we need to eat up last year’s deer in the freezer before this year’s hunting season. Seriously now, Wisconsin football fans do go gourmet. Here’s how.

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Mothers and Daughters – Baking Cakes and Growing Up Together in Wisconsin

The best Mother’s Day gift is a growing daughter, – far more enjoyable than a flowering plant, though admittedly a bit more work. My eight-year-old daughter, Lauren, is a budding chef who this past Mother’s Day longed to express her giant love with a sweet gift of food. Last week, she began begging me to make Lazy Daisy cake with her. She said we had to make it for Mother’s Day because “Mothers like daisies and they’re never lazy!”

She found the recipe in my cookbook, Mom’s Updated Recipe Box: 250 Family Favorites Made Quick and Healthy. I think she picked it because the author, Donna Weihofen, wrote, “This is the first cake my friend Mary made when she was about eight years old. She got the recipe from her grandmother’s cookbook. It is a wonderful dessert but it is also lovely served for a morning brunch or afternoon tea.”

Initially, Lauren wanted me to make the Lazy Daisy Cake. But life was busy and I kept putting it off. Undeterred, yesterday afternoon (Mother’s Day) Lauren said she wanted to make it herself. After all, the little girl mentioned in the cookbook had been 8-years-old. At that moment, however, I was about to leave for a walk with a close friend, -a weekly mental-health walk necessary for maintaining this mother’s sanity. I didn’t want Lauren using the stove by herself. Precociously persuasive, Lauren talked her Dad into helping, which meant her 5-year-old brother, Dave, had to help too. Dave didn’t fit into Lauren’s ideal plan, but she accepted and resolved to manage around him, -and thus her maturity develops.

When I returned, the yellow cake was topped with a brown sugar and coconut icing. Lauren and I LOVE coconut, though Dave remains ambivalent about it. We all quickly ate our dinner in anticipation of dessert. Lauren beamed when I served her cake. To show my appreciation I ate two pieces, something I rarely let them do. This made Lauren even more proud!

Lauren wanted to know if this was my best Mother’s Day ever! I told her it was because I knew it certainly was for her. It was the first year that her gift to me had not been store-bought by her dad or fabricated by a school-teacher. She put the energy of her heart into her hands to create a gift to nourish a soul. Now if that’s not a person in full bloom, I can’t imagine what is. Thank you, Lauren.

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