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Touring Wisconsin Food

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Garden Gifts

Garden gifts of corn! Bring that outdoor garden gift of corn into the kitchen and see what happens.

When the garden gives too much corn, the kids make corn(y) food art. The art projects started simple enough with my 10-year-old daughter crafting corn people with vegetable faces. Her seven-year-old brother seemed disinterested; he appeared happy sticking thumb tacks into two old finger-potatoes.

But when his sister unwittingly left the room…Attack!

Her corn people were taken hostage with a potato gun! Would she ever see them again?!

Of course she would. I,the food art, corn police, was standing right there mixing up the cornbread. Keep reading to see the happy smile of Mrs. Corn upon the safe return of her kidnapped son. Also get an easy cornbread recipe. But the best of all?

Get a scrumptious breakfast recipe for blueberry croissant puff. Croissant in a garden-gift-of-corn post? The cornbread recipe made too much for my little family so I used cornbread instead of croissants. – Terrific…and practical. And these puffs look so pretty and taste so light and sweet that I’ll serve them to special guests as a dinner dessert.

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Unusual Dessert Zucchini Recipe: Wisconsin Farmers and Gardeners Bake Zucchini Pie

This time of August a Wisconsin gardener typically has as many zucchinis as a mule has flies. Zucchini has been steamed, boiled, grilled, baked into breads and casseroles, and still, free-for-the-taking zucchinis languish on office break-room tables. Even some food pantry workers sigh when they see more zucchini arrive. What to do with all that zucchini?

I have only 4 zucchini plants, which although I’m a firm believer in ‘waste not – want not, are producing about 50% more zucchini than I want. For two weeks, I’ve brought zucchini to the table in a variety of recipe forms. Fortunately, zucchini is one vegetable that my kids eat without complaining, but at this point I’m using up my zucchini capital. I needed an unusual zucchini recipe to re-spark our taste for this prolific, green squash.

Searching through cookbooks, I noticed that my cookbooks written by Wisconsin farm women  had more zucchini recipes than the others. I wasn’t surprised. But I was intrigued by the re-occurrence of one unusual recipe: a recipe for zucchini pie. I guess it makes sense. Wisconsin farm women typically have large gardens. They grow a lot of food and are not about to waste it. If they grow it, by gosh, their family is going to eat it and be thankful. But even these stoic women run out of patience with zucchini. Desperate to find one more way to transfer zucchini from the crisper into their children’s stomachs, they invented zucchini pie. Oh, it’s not much of an invention really, more of a modification. To make zucchini pie, all you do is bake an apple pie, but substitute zucchini for the apples.

“Yuk!” you exclaim? No, not really. My family liked it. Admittedly, it wasn’t as good as apple pie, but it was a bit more nutritious, and far easier to make. Plus, the recipe calls for “one LARGE zucchini”. So if you just found one of those monster zucchinis that’s been growing hidden under a leaf for far too long in your garden, this recipe for zucchini pie is the one you need. Click on “Continue reading…” for the recipe for zucchini pie and pictures of our cow tea party at which we ate a zucchini cheese pie for dinner and our zucchini pie for dessert.

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Healthy Recipe For Blueberry Apple Crisp Confuses Kids And Pleases Guests

For dessert the other night I prepared Jody Littler’s recipe for Blueberry Apple Crisp. It’s one of the several apple crisp recipes in her book Apples Everything, co-authored with Jean Hill. I chose this particular apple crisp recipe because of its healthy ingredients. I had whole oats, walnuts, and apples on hand because recently the kids and I have not been eating particularly healthy food. So the apples in the crisper had started giving me those looks, “It’s now or never, baby.” The walnuts were left-over from Christmas. And the expiration date on the carton of oats had faded into mystery. Time to get back on track, eat healthy, and clean out the cupboard.

Jody had written, “The blueberries and apples really complement each other! A favorite of ours!” I’ve liked Jody’s other recipes, so if she raved about this one I felt confident our dinner guests would enjoy it too. Click on “continue reading…” for the recipe and more of the story.

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