This instant you are probably seated at a computer. I am. And so are my co-workers, Katie, Vicki, and Nina. In fact, we’ve been sitting here all day. We “sell gourmet products made with pride and passion by Wisconsin artisans”, but truth be told, our buts hurt. Perhaps it’s a small price to pay for passion.

Work at a web store ( is like most desk jobs. We’re paid to think and type. Some of us talk, – on the phone to customers mostly. Yes, ours are sedentary jobs, but we know tricks to keep in shape!

“Keep in shape? – YOU?! – You live in Wisconsin, – surrounded by cheese, brats, and beer? How can you sedentary Wisconsinites possibly stay fit?!” you exclaim.

True, our gourmet pleasures abound, – especially when the artists send us free samples, but none-the-less we usually eat healthfully. See – here’s Katie’s apple, and Nina is eating a peach.  Our snacks usually consist of fruits and nuts. (Admittedly, we all ate cake yesterday to celebrate Katie’s birthday. But our sweets are treats, not daily fare.)

.To maintain work efficiency, we make FAST lunches. Our lunches start out in cardboard boxes in the office freezer, slip into the microwave, and land on the desk next to the mouse. True, they’re not as tasty as the foods we sell, but as far as fast foods go, they’re generally nutritionally-balanced.

.But the REAL trick to staying fit is exercise! Numerous websites list exercises you can do at your desk. And they’re pretty much the same: stretch those arms, legs, and backs! Roll those shoulders and eyes!

But we at exercise to the beat of different drummers.

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