Deer hunting season is here!  Wisconsin badgers transform into packs of carnivores stalking Wisconsin’s nearly 2 million Bambi’s which over-run our forests.  Without a hunter’s quick bullet, many of these gentle creatures would otherwise die slowly this winter of starvation or chronic wasting disease.  As a biologist, I recognize the ecological importance of humans temporarily acting as deer’s primary predators. As an animal lover however, I couldn’t take up the hunting sport myself.

So here I defer to one of Wisconsin’s veteran hunters, Jacob Mills (Nina’s husband, see last week’s post).  We find Jacob on site with gun loaded in the woods and valleys beyond Mount Horeb.  Double click on the play button to hear Jacob’s tips for turning deer into dinner.


The closest I’ve ever come to preparing game in the kitchen was one Saturday a few years ago.  The dog and I had returned from our dawn walk.  And as I stepped out of the shower, I heard my husband on the phone with his parents.  At seven in the morning, he said, “I don’t know what we’re having for dinner.”  (His parents are passionate about good food and his mom’s a great cook.)  John continued, “Wait a minute, Cristie’s got the Joy of Cooking open on the counter.  Let me see…here, ‘squirrel, opossum, raccoon’…hmmm, looks like Sam caught something and Cristie’s going to cook it up.”  I envisioned the horror on their faces a thousand miles away.

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