My ever industrious, Wisconsin neighbors did not idle away the day as I did. They seized  advantage of our unseasonably warm (50’s and 60’s ?!!!!), dry weather and hung holiday decorations on their trees and houses. But the dogs and I shirked these seasonal responsibilities and instead ambled through woods and fields. We inhaled the warm, fresh air and stretched our legs on the rich, black, Wisconsin soil. Our decadent insolence lasted hours. We paused only to determine the direction of the occasional gunshots we heard and decide if we should alter our course. You see, now it’s dear hunting season in Wisconsin and thousands of hunters are also moving through the fields and perching in trees. They are intent on “bringing home the proverbial bacon” so to speak. That’s Wisconsin for you, industrious even in recreation, that is of course until the beer gets poured. But the dogs and I had no beer and were doing nothing so useful.

Upon return home, I knew I needed to amend my slacking ways and produce something of value. I chose to cook soup. Not that I am a huge fan of soup, (as I recall I was quite negative about this entire food group in a previous post). But I stumbled upon a recipe for acorn squash bisque in the Wisconsin Country Gourmet cookbook that appealed even to me. Thinking someone besides myself may have an excess of squash or perhaps want to serve soup on Thanksgiving I decided to give it my all and sweat leeks. Click on “continue reading…” for the recipe and review.

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