favorite-type-of-pizzaThe pizza debate between New York City and Chicago has been raging on for years, but John Stewart recently added some fuel to the fire when he called Chicago deep dish “an above ground marinara swimming pool for rats.”

My personal opinion is that comparing Chicago pizza and New York pizza is like comparing apples to oranges. Let’s face it Chicago, your pizza isn’t really pizza, it’s a casserole. A mind-blowingly delicious cheesy, meaty, saucy casserole, but still a casserole that happens to have similar ingredients to a pizza. So as much as I love Chicago deep dish, my vote goes with New York since their pizza is more pizza-like.

I also think this debate is entirely missing some of my other favorite kinds of pizza- wood-fired oven pizza, for example. I live in Madison so my favorite places to frequent are Pizza Brutta and Novanta, but any pizza parlor that serves wood-fired oven pizza with fresh ingredients and fire kissed crust gets my vote.

And what about “take-and-bake” pizza? The whole concept seemed crazy to me at first. If I want to order pizza, I’m probably feeling lazy so why would I bake it myself? There is a Papa Murphy’s┬átake-and-bake pizza shop right near my house, so I decided to give it a try, and now I have officially been converted to a take and bake fan! A huge pie is $10 or less, and you get to enjoy it hot out of the oven. I’ve even been known to buy a huge Papa Murphy’s pie and eat it over the course of several days while my husband is away on business. It may not be the healthiest idea ever, but it’s cheaper than groceries and easier than cooking and cleaning! Side note: This review is concerning the thin crust Papa Murphy’s – I’m less impressed with the regular crust.

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