Follow these easy steps to make your Oktoberfest party Wunderbar!oktoberfest-party-1


Dress the part.  For guys, rock the lederhosen. Ladies play “Heidi” in a drindl, also known as the “beer girl dress”.


Get Decorating. Turn your backyard into a beer garden with German flags and blue and white Bavarian table cloths.

Grill some brats. Bratwurst by Bavaria Sausage Kitchen will bring the taste of Germany to your party.  Serve in hard rolls with sauerkraut, German mustard, and curry ketchup.  For dessert, serve Oktoberfest party guest decadent German chocolate cake.

Don’t forget Das Boot. If you haven’t played this party game, you’re missing out on some fun.  Drinking out of a boot is trickier than it looks- drink too fast and you could get splashed in the face!
Dance the polka. You might think that you don’t like polka, but I dare you to listen to a polka CD without taping your foot along to the tuba beat! No Oktoberfest party is complete without, polka music, and if you have a friend who can teach everyone some basic polka steps, even better, you’ll have a barrel of fun.

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