We love celebrating St. Patrick’s Day because it’s the first holiday of spring! And in Wisconsin, spring is definitely worthy of grand celebration! St. Patrick’s Day and the Irish lore of “the little people” give the kids and me lots of magical themes for creative cooking. We also have a large, cast-iron cooking pot that invites play. pot-o-gold-1This year we’re testing out table centerpieces for our St. Patrick’s Day party by creating a pot of gold cake and cookies.    

Our edible centerpiece was super-easy to make and looks fun, but the very best part is the cookies. I got this Scotch scone recipe from Mrs. Sweeney. I don’t know why they’re called Scotch scones; they don’t look like scones and there’s no scotch in them. But Mrs. Sweeney isn’t Irish either, – her husband is the Chicago Irishman. But some of my very best Irish recipes have come from Mrs. Sweeney. It’s Mrs. Sweeney’s corned beef recipe that I make every St. Patrick”s Day. It’s the very best! But keep reading for her Scotch scone cookie recipe.

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