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3 Fruit Cake Alternatives

Someone out there must like fruit cake because they keep getting sent as Christmas gifts. Sorry fruit cake lovers, call me a food snob, but I’m not a fan.  I’ll concede that fruit cake isn’t the worst food ever (I think that title goes to canned ham), but why subject yourself to neon colored “fruit” pieces and dense cake when there are so many festive holiday pastry alternatives.

StollenStollen–  This German fruit bread has “stollen” my heart (ha!).  It sort of resembles a fruit cake but it’s much, much better!  Instead of the neon fake fruit, the stollen is filled with two kinds of raisins, almonds, spices and a strip of sweet marizpan.  Bakers dust the whole loaf with a generous coating of powdered sugar.  Why is stollen so popular at Christmas time? Because the shape and color symbolize the baby Jesus wrapped in a white cloth.

Christmas Sugar CookiesChristmas Sugar Cookies– Are you challenged in the baking department?  You can still send gorgeous sugar cookies thanks to the bakers at K-Delights bakery.





Turtle CheesecakeTurtle Cheesecake– This turtle cheesecake is made by a bakery in Wisconsin called Cheesecake Heaven.  It’s not just a clever name, it’s where you go when you eat it! The creamy cheesecake, crunchy nuts and gooey caramel make a decadent combination that will put any fruit cake to shame.


Have I convinced you? Forget the fruit cake and browse the holiday desserts at

Don’t Forget November and December Birthdays

November is here and December is fast approaching. Quick! Deck the halls! Brine the turkey! Vacuum the guest bedroom!

With all the chores to do before Thanksgiving and Christmas, it can be easy to forget November and December birthdays.  Just because someone happens to be born around the same time of year as baby Jesus doesn’t mean they don’t deserve a special day of their own.  My mom’s birthday is November 21st and  she often receives presents with the caveat “This is your birthday AND your Christmas present”.

Now, I know “it’s the thought that counts” and most people with November and December birthdays don’t make a big deal about their forgotten or otherwise diminished birthdays, but how about we make this year different? Let’s give the winter babies a BIRTHDAY present that isn’t under the tree or wrapped in red and green, but a legitimate cake, candles, and balloons present.  Here are some festive and tasty ideas for November and December birthday gifts.

Hand Decorated Birthday CookiesHand-Decorated Birthday Sugar Cookies

Freshly baked cookies decorated with cakes and balloons won’t be confused as a Christmas present so they make the perfet treat for a December birthday.


Popcorn seasaoning gift set

Popcorn and Seasoning Birthday Gift Set

Freshly popped popcorn makes a yummy birthday treat.  Add two flavors of popcorn seasonings, popcorn forks and a birthday gift box and you’ve got a popcorn party.


Birthday CakeCustomized Birthday Cake

Nothing says “Happy Birthday” better than cake! If you aren’t a baker, leave it to the experts at O&H Bakery to make a cake that the birthday boy or girl will never forget.

Do you have a November or December birthday?  Comment below and tell me your story.



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