Imagine the richest, most deeply decadent, chocolate cake possible. In your  mind, replace the flour with more gourmet chocolate. Make it luxurious and silky with eggs; make it sweet with white sugar and vanilla. Make it adult with liberal quantities of brandy. Make it sinful with heavy, whipping cream. Now you’re imagining the flourless chocolate cake served at Fyfe’s Corner Bistro in Madison, Wisconsin.

Unfortunately the cake pictured here is not from Fyfe’s, but it was made with their recipe. And with this recipe I can make this chocolate dessert any time I want! True, at Fyfe’s they serve it on an elegant platter decorated with a dusting of powdered sugar and abstract designs painted in chocolate. But although my plate is plain, and my topping buttercream frosting from a spray can, the flourless chocolate cake inside is a perfect match to Fyfe’s.

How lucky is the recipient of this flourless chocolate cake. This marvelous person, a confessed chocoholic, will soon receive this cake as a birthday gift. If the birthday were to fall this Sunday it could be a Valentine’s Day gift as well, for the denseness of chocolate inside is akin to the richness of truffles. So now answer this, do you ever crave chocolate but live too far from Fyfe’s Corner? Then get Fyfe’s flourless chocolate cake recipe by clicking on “continue reading…”

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