madison-farmers-market-1The best Madison farmers market is the Dane County Farmers’ Market and it draws hungry shoppers, talented artisans and the occasional quirky musician from near and far. I’ve been to farmers markets all over the country and nothing compares to the one right here in my hometown. The Madison Farmers Market is an experience not to be missed, so follow these tips from a local to ensure your visit is as fresh and fun as the food.

No dogs allowed. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a huge pet lover, in fact, sometimes I cross the line in to crazy dog lady territory, but the Madison Farmers Market is no place for a pooch. With the river of shoppers flowing steadily around the square, a canine companion could easily get trampled, so keep Fido at home.

 Don’t miss the artwork. The farmers market is not just limited to food, you can also shop for Wisconsin art. One of my favorite artists at the market is Marcia Sparks, she creates colorful pop art featuring Wisconsin icons like Bucky Badger and the Wienermobile. See my interview with Marcia here.

Sample some cheese, especially the hot and melty kind. It wouldn’t be a Wisconsin farmer’s market without cheese. Sample cheese masterpieces like 15 year cheddars, insanely fresh cheese curds (I’m talking hours old!), and my family’s favorite, hot melty bread cheese. If you don’t live in Wisconsin, you can still find Wisconsin cheese delicacies and cheese gifts here.

BOYOB- Bring your own bag. I strive to keep my blog a
positive happy place, but I’m going to use a negative word I’ve never
used before on Edible Antics. I HATE plastic bags. There I said it. The
farmers will usually give you one if you forgot your reusable bag, but
bring a canvas one and save the Earth, and your kitchen, because storing
plastic bags is annoying.

Take some photos.
I am not skilled in the photography department but I can usually manage to get at least one nice shot at the market. I took this photo at the Madison farmers market a few weeks ago and jazzed it up with Instagram.

See the market’s schedule here.

What are some of your favorite things to do at the Madison farmers market?