Father’s Day! What Father’s Day gifts to give dad this year? Last year in this blog I wrote about the stages of fatherhood and suggested suitable Father’s Day gifts for each stage. This year I’ll focus on the singly important gift of ‘pay-back’!  Yes, a sign of the mature child, especially the child who now has children of her own, is the acknowledgment of the great debt which she owes to her father. Oh, I’m not referring to the considerable amount of money Dad has spent on me over the years, or all that parental worry he extended over this or that escapade of mine. No, today I’m recalling those end-games Dad unwittingly let me run around Mom.

Being the primary caretaker, as well as chief, cook, and bottle-washer, Mom knew the score on most of what my brother and I did when we were kids. Mom knew the tricks; she’d figured out the games; she ruled with consistency and firmness. But there was one play I could run that, at least temporarily, would get me to whatever goal I had set my sights on at the time. I”m sure you know it, and you’ve probably played it yourself. It’s the oldest kid trick in the book: If Mom says no, go ask Dad. And if you even suspect Mom may say no, skip Mom and go directly to Dad.

But sometimes the wiles of moms are unfathomable. As a kid, it can be impossible to know in advance what mom will approve or disapprove of. So, if you’re a kid and your mom says no to your going to a party, or if Mom refuses you the to-die-for material object intensely desired at the moment, – be it clothing, car or sweet treat,  promptly seek out Dad and ask him. “Oh, that never worked for me,” my adult reader might argue. Well, I admit this tactic wasn’t always easy or sure-fire. This game has to be played with cunning, strategy and finesse. But here I offer sound tips on how to win. Click on “Continue reading…” to learn the tips and to find winning food gifts to give Dad to show him your love on Father’s Day.

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