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Made in America Products For the Kitchen

Buying made in America products is a popular trend that I hope will stick around for a long time. With so many unemployed Americans still searching for work, buying made in America products is something everyone can do that will add up to a big difference in the job market. The company I write this blog for,, started out as a one woman operation and now employees eight people. The company owner Linda wouldn’t have been able to hire any of us if it weren’t for the people who shop for made in America products. If you want to buy American and you aren’t sure where to start, how about the kitchen? Here are some decorative and functional kitchen items that are made in Wisconsin!



Canister Set – I like my kitchen to be unique. I want my friends to say “Wow, where did you get that?” instead of “I saw that at Target last week!”. These canisters by Jessie’s Pottery will add some artistic flare to your kitchen and since each one is handmade, no two sets are exactly the same.


Mixing Bowls – I have one of these mixing bowls in my kitchen and I absolutely love it since I can use it for cooking as well as serving. The three bowl set fits together nicely for easy storage, but you might want to leave these beautiful bowls out for everyone to see.


Wisconsin State Cutting Board – Show your state pride with this Wisconsin state cutting board. Availble in a variety of woods, it’s has a food safe coating so you can use it for chopping, or use the pre-cut hole to hang the board for display.


Coffee Scoop – This attractive coffee scoop is made of a variety of Wisconsin woods. Each scoop holds about two tablespoons of beans which is the perfect amount for a hot cup of joe.


Pizza Cutter – Stop struggling with those dinky hand held pizza cutters and try the rocking action of this cutter by Sunway.  Made out of stonewood, a durable, dishwasher safe and maintenence free material that will last through a lifetime of delicious pies.


Next time someone complains to you that nothing is Made in American anymore, send them over to my blog and!

Gifts for the Kitchen

If you’re looking for a gift for the foodie in your life, consider gifts for the kitchen. Like most foodies, I basically live in my kitchen. I know where every tool goes and I move efficiently like a restaurant chef. I can get territorial while I’m cooking too. Guest can sit at the island, but don’t cross over into the danger zone or you’ll get karate chopped. Here are some gift ideas for those of us who call the kitchen home.

Hardwood Cutting BoardsCutting Board

A chef would be lost without a knife, but what would a knife be without a cutting board? This one is handmade with a variety of Wisconsin hardwoods.




Personalized CrockPersonalized Crock

This adorable crock will store your utensils and announce to visitors who rules the kitchen. If you’re sassy like me, you could have it personalize with “KEEP OUT”: the heart makes even a command seem friendly!

I can think of only one reason I would step out of the kitchen and let someone else in- if you want to clean, my kitchen is your kitchen!

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