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Fun Cupcake Ideas for Father’s Day

In honor of Father’s Day I’ve rounded up some fun cupcake ideas for all different types of dads. These cupcakes are much more memorable and infinitely tastier than the usual tie gift.



Golf Cupcakes from Simple Girl


 Dad will enjoy these adorable cakes before he hits the links. You can even write him a special note on the flags.

 Fishing Cupcakes from Tidy Mom blogfun-cupcake-2

Give your dad a tasty snack for his next fishing trip. These super cute cupcakes are topped with blue icing and a fish fruit snack on a fishing poll made out of a tooth pick and some thread.










 Lawn Mower Cupcakes from Disney Family Fun fun-cupcake-3


I know a few dads who actually enjoy mowing the lawn, so if this applies to your dad, these are the cupcakes for him. The mower is made out of chocolate candies and black licorice, and the grass is coconut with green food coloring. These cute cupcakes are fun, easy to decorate and guaranteed to make dad smile.








Brats on the Grill Brownies from Edible Antics



I made these creative cupcakes for dads who love to grill. These tiny bratwursts are actually Hot Tamale candies on a brownie grill. I suppose you could use cupcake batter instead of brownies. I would just fill the cupcake tins with a little less batter than usual so the cakes don’t rise over the edge. This will give you a flatter surface to put the decorations on.

For more Father’s Day gift ideas and Wisconsin food, visit my Pinterest boards.

Partying With Cheesecake as Excitement Grows For Our New Wisconsinmade Website!

Excitement grows daily at my office, We’re moving into a new store-front! Soon our familiar, comfortable website that we’ve been using for the past ten years to help Wisconsin artisans and small businesses distribute their creations to customers will transform into a state-of-the-art web store.

After a long year of planning, designing, programming, and data-transferring, now we’re in the final phases of testing and tweaking. Linda, Wisconsinmade’s creator, is working nearly non-stop checking and re-checking that every aspect of the new website looks and functions as it should. Like the artisans we work with, Linda has high standards of quality, -she won’t give the signal to switch over to the new website until it meets her high expectations. She reminds me of the master chef of a gourmet restaurant moving rapidly from station to station, checking the sauces, inspecting the vegetables, tasting the soups and adding sprinkles of seasonings. The amazing thing about Linda is that despite the tremendous pressure, she’s so nice about everything. Thus, our office has a bit of a festive mood, like the excitement of going to a big concert.

Now in Wisconsin, as everywhere else, big occasions are celebrated with delicious food and drink! We’ve begun talking about chilling the celebratory champagne, -ours is a small office which means we won’t need too many bottles. And we’ve begun discussing the party menu. Gourmet cheese will definitely be on our party table, thanks to a surprisingly speedy cheese master we partner with.

You see, late Monday afternoon Renee was testing the ordering process on the new website. She was having fun web-shopping and sending mock orders to artisans. Then, first thing Tuesday morning, her job-share partner, Nina, had the job of calling the artisans to verify that they had received Renee’s orders and that the order instructions read as Renee had intended. Of course, Nina was also canceling each order, explaining that it was just a test. But luck shone on our little office, – I heard Nina say, “What? You already sent the order? The cheese is on its way?..Wow, you are speedy!..Oh, that’s all right, we’ll enjoy the cheese.”

So with that inspiration, and because we need a picture of a prepared recipe to post on the new site, I am making Cranberry Cheesecake Cups. Wisconsin is a big grower of cranberries, and some of our artisans turn cranberries into delicious relishes and toppings. Some have sent us recipes using their toppings. I get the fun job of preparing the recipes, taking their pictures and putting the photos on the site. I know, it’s work, but someone has to do it. So here is a picture of Cranberry Cheesecake Cups which I made and brought into the office to share.

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