Gluten-free recipes are more abundant now that creative cooks are creating recipes for those of us unable to tolerate gluten. But when I first heard about gluten-intolerance several years ago from a friend diagnosed with celiac disease, gluten-free cooking was a challenge. When she and her gluten-intolerant sons came for dinner, I invariably cooked Mexican food so the starch would be from corn not flour. One spring evening I served them the gluten-free dessert called strawberry-rhubarb fool.

My family loves this chilled mix of garden rhubarb, strawberries, spices, and cream (recipe to follow). My friend who lives on a Wisconsin farm and grows lots of rhubarb was thrilled to find a gluten-free dessert recipe for rhubarb.

Since then I’ve found another gluten-free dessert for my garden rhubarb. This rhubarb recipe comes from the Madison Area CSA cookbook, From Asparagus to Zucchini: A guide to cooking farm-fresh seasonal produce, and was contributed to the cookbook by Susan and Lee Greenler of Stoughton, WI. This easy recipe uses only rhubarb, sugar, and water. It’s called Rhubarbade, not sure what that means. I think of it as rhubarb sorbet; my kids think of it as a rhubarb slushie. We all like it, and it’s fat-free and gluten-free. Keep reading for this recipe too.

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