Fig Spread

Fig spread became one of my favorite ingredients by accident.  I received a jar as a gift from for Christmas and wasn’t sure what to do with it. The spread, by Quince and Apple, is made in small batches with ingredients from local Wisconsin farms, so I couldn’t wait to try it. The figs taste a little fruity, sweet, and tangy.  Off to the Internet I went, in search of tasty fig recipes and I wasn’t disappointed.

Croque Madame-  Sounds fancy, looks fancy, but really it’s just a French ham sandwich with an egg on top.  This recipes uses a salty Italian ham called prosciutto which makes for a nice contrast with the fruity figs that are spread on a slice of crusty white bread. I made these a few days in a row at all different times- breakfast, lunch, dinner…it’s delicious any time of day.  Just make sure your brick cheese is from Wisconsin!

Fig-Prosciutto Pizza- This fig recipe is from the Pioneer Woman, and I have never cooked a recipe of hers that I didn’t absolutely love.  Like in the Croque Madame, she pairs the figs with the prosciutto but adds arugula, parmesan, and fresh whole milk mozzarella. Serve this pizza with a glass of wine and you have a classy romantic dinner.

So that’s the story of how a mystery ingredient turned into one of my favorites. You can get the fig spread at, where there are some more tips on how to use it- on crackers with goat cheese, or (get this!) as an ice-cream topping!

Ok blog world, now it’s your turn. What’s your favorite way to use fig spread? Or figs in general?