Eating cream puffs at the Wisconsin State Fair is a tradition for many Wisconsin families. And this Thursday, Aug. 6th, the cream puffs will again be on sale at the State Fair in Milwaukee. Cream puffs are a traditional Wisconsin food.They are mostly butter and cream, – two ubiquitous, Wisconsin foods originating from those bucolic, Wisconsin cows sharing America’s Dairyland with humans. It’s only logical that the traditional Wisconsin foods of butter and cream be mixed together with a bit of flour, eggs and water. What else would be on hand in a Wisconsin farm kitchen? It was Wisconsin’s inevitable destiny to create a delicious, flaky, buttery, creamy, sweet cream puff and share it’s recipe with the world.

If you can’t get to the fair but want a true Wisconsin cream puff, click on “Continue reading…’ for Marlyne Schantz Seymour of Elkhorn, Wisconsin’s cream puff recipe. She shared her recipe with Harva Hachten and Terese Allen for publication in their culinary documentation of Wisconsin culture. The history book/travel guide/cookbook is titled, The Flavor of Wisconsin: An informal history of food and eating in the Badger state.

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