Tao Is Today’s Guest Post-Writer. Tao Is An 8-month-Old German Shepherd Dog.

I live with crazy people. I’m not asking for rescue, yet, – they’re definitely affectionate and make great food. But the lot of them have one large screw loose and it will take all of my burgeoning shepherd skills to operate crowd-control on this group. Last night was a case in point.

Yesterday, the mom asks the 10-year-old girl to go get the kitty cat. Kitty-cat? My ears perk up. I didn’t know we got a cat. Getting a cat would be a good thing. They run fast and are exceptionally fun to chase. So I follow the girl into her room and she pulls a cat out of a basket. I cock my head. That’s an awfully small cat, I wonder. Maybe it’s still a kitten. It doesn’t smell like a cat, but then again this girl has a penchant for bathing animals against their will, so maybe this cat recently suffered such abuse and now smells like soap. I follow her back to the kitchen.

The mom then announces that it’s National Answer Your Cat’s Questions Day. Huh? -Who knew? So she and the girl start asking the cat(?) about what questions it wants answered. Now I have exceptionally good hearing, – did you notice my ears? But I don’t hear that cat say a sound. But these people act as if the cat’s answering. Telepathy, I wonder? I try to read their human minds, but it’s all mush. Somehow they start believing that the cat has asked them to bake tasty cat treats. Seems reasonable, I suppose. At least the cat’s not crazy.

So the mom gets out her cookbook, – my favorite. It’s called Doggie Delights and Kitty Cuisine co-authored by Martha Ward and her golden retriever, Cinnamon. Click on “continue reading for more of the story and Martha’s recipe for “Happy As A Clam” cat treats.

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