Cranberry dessert recipes are my favorite dessert recipes. Well, I like chocolate too. But serve me a cranberry dessert and I’m happy. And in autumn, folks tend to cook more with cranberries and give cranberry desserts and breads as fall harvest gifts. This is a good thing!

I wasn’t always this fanatical about cranberry desserts, cranberry breads, cranberry rice dishes, cranberry sauce, cranberry chutney, cranberry everything. I think my zeal has something to do with moving to Wisconsin.

Wisconsin is the leader in cranberry production and I can easily get awesome cranberries. Don’t be fooled into thinking a cranberry is a cranberry. Different climates grow different tasting cranberries and different processing companies dry and sweeten them with different methods and recipes. I like my cranberries tart, flavorful, and not sickly sweet.

I’m conscious of the health benefits of cranberries, and so as a parent, I’m always looking for ways to feed them to my children. My family would naturally tire of cranberries if my cranberry recipe repertoire was limited. But it isn’t. Keep reading for my newest find: Champion Cranberry Bars, and links to my other favorite great cranberry dessert recipes.

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