If you are what you eat then I will soon become a cranberry. I snack on sweetened dried cranberries; I add them to recipes for color, tartness, sweetness and chewiness. Whether they be main dishes, salads, rice, cakes, or pies, cranberries always seem to make them better. And today is a very good day because 10 pounds of sweetened dried cranberries arrived at my door. For the first time ever I’m saving money on my cranberry addiction by buying my cranberries in bulk.

Cranberries in bulk

In past posts I raved about the health benefits of this little red fruit, but did you know that Wisconsin grows more cranberries than any other state? The cranberry is Wisconsin’s state fruit. In fall, Wisconsinites pilgrimage to cranberry bogs to watch the harvest and sample the latest in gourmet cranberry concoctions. In my cupboard is stocked a particularly grand concoction modestly named “Cranberry chutney”.

Now some people adore chutneys and others despise them. But this cranberry chutney surprises those people wary of chutneys. It makes them taste twice, and then three times and more. You can enjoy it on a cracker and say you’ve made an hors d’oeuvre. But I found a new way to devour it. Heat the cranberry chutney with some orange juice and and a few seasonings and pour it over chicken or pork and that chicken or pork becomes a gourmet meal. Click on “continue reading…” for the recipe and more.

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