Last weekend I baked healthy dog treats with which to reward my puppy at his dog training class. My children asked for some of the treats but I refused them. That was stupid. Those dog treats were healthier than most of the food I give my children. I just got hung up on the fact that the recipe came from a doggie treat cookbook.

Doggie delights book

But I did promise my kids that I’d bake them some “human” oatmeal cookies. And last night I made good on my promise.

I followed an exceptionally healthy recipe for cranberry oatmeal chip cookies. And I used dark chocolate chips to boot! My kids loved them. I loved them. They’re chewy and sweet and tart and chocolaty – all the right good stuff! But the question remains in my mind. Should I use these healthy treats to train my children? I’ve had marvelous success training my dogs with treats. But is it okay to train children using food? Keep reading for my musings and the great recipe.

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