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Touring Wisconsin Food

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Wood County, number 72!

Wisconsin’s 5.7 million people (2010 census) are spread out over 54 thousand square miles or an average of about 105 folks per square mile.  We are organized into 72 counties.  Over the last 9 months we have carefully visited each or those counties to search for special Supper Clubs, bakeries, meat markets, breweries, bike trails, wineries, bed and breakfasts, parks, attractions and anything we think you might enjoy in each county we visited.  Wisconsin is rich in ethnic traditional food artisans from many origins, newly emerging microbreweries and wineries, restored historic bed and breakfast lodgings, vast areas of forests and park lands preserved for public use, a growing network of bike, hike and snowmobile trails and a long list of our beloved Wisconsin supper clubs.  This week we visit Wood County, the last of our 72 county tours.  Over the coming weeks we will compile listings of the “Best of the Best” from our research around the state.

If you had the time, the funds and a nice touring vehicle which 20 supper clubs would you have on your “Got to get there!” list?  We’ll share with you our list.  And ask for your input too.  But first let’s close out this effort with Wood County. Continue reading

Monroe County Bike Trails and Oconto Supper Club

Edible Antics is on tour in Wisconsin posting virtual culinary tour entries from Wisconsin counties in alphabetical order. Scroll down for some of the Wisconsin counties we were touring in previous weeks. The prior counties visited are available in the archived links on the blog. We are finding special Supper Clubs, bakeries, meat markets, breweries, bike trails, wineries, bed and breakfasts, parks, attractions and anything we think visitors might enjoy in each county we visit.  We’ll post some background information on each county followed by specific links to our artisan partners and to our Edible Antics recommendations for each county.

This week we continue our Wisconsin counties virtual culinary tour in Monroe and Oconto counties looking for edibles and adventures.

Continue reading

I’m Thankful….

Thanksgiving turkey cooked

Thanksgiving Turkey

The Thanksgiving holiday gives us pause to consider all the things in life we are thankful for.

I’m thankful for Linda, Wendy, Carla, Ali and all our family that have enriched our lives and created so many fond memories.  Thank you.

Lifelong friends seem like part of the family, and we are thankful for them too.  Thank you.

And our online partners of over 200 Artisans of the web store that we have grown to serve customers nationwide for Thanksgiving and all year long.  Thank you.

And our over 10,000 faithful customers who appreciate the convenience, focus and service of the dedicated team at Wisconsinmade.  Thank you.

And our founder Linda with the vision and dedication to make this Wisconsin made based web market a reality.  Thank you.





And to the staff at Wisconsinmade that care for our customers and artisan partners every day.  Thank you.




And to the underlying ethic of hard work, customer service and quality products that are

Made with Pride and Passion in Wisconsin

Thank you.

Happy Thanksgiving.


Wisconsin Thanksgiving

Pleasant View church resized

Thanksgiving church

It’s a great day to be from Wisconsin!

Wisconsin families are grateful for many blessings this Thanksgiving.  A beautiful extended fall season, bountiful yields for most of our crops, an improving economy and of course our delicious seasonal foods.


Cranberry Chutney

Thanksgiving dinner’s main course could include a ham assortment with cranberry chutney.  This chutney is a unique combination of cranberry chunks with a hint of clove mixed into a sweet cranberry sauce that goes very well with ham, turkey, pork, chicken or game meats.  I have also used it as an ingredient in a grilled cheese sandwich (sometimes with bacon!).  The three jar package on is perfect for family dinners – one jar on each end of the table and one in the middle. Highly recommended.


Caramel Apples

For dessert there is the pumpkin cream cheesecake.  And for a hostess gift we have a pair of caramel apples, some pumpkin fudge or some fall cookies.

If the tryptophan kicks in get your nap in early because the Thanksgiving football game this year is the Green Bay Packers against their NFL North Division rival the Chicago Bears.  The Packers have scheduled a ceremony and celebration honoring Bret Favre with a planned appearance by Bart Star at Lambeau Field.  Wisconsinites are thankful for the contributions to Packers history made by both of them.  A great way to end our Thanksgiving Day.

We hope your Thanksgiving Day is filled with gratitude and family fun and that you find time to enjoy some of these great Wisconsinmade products that are all

Made With Pride and Passion in Wisconsin.

Fall in the Northwoods



“WI MADE” in Wisconsin’s North Woods in Autumn

Wisconsin is America’s Dairy Land, right?  The southern two thirds of the state contains some of the most productive agricultural lands in America.  We have high production totals of milk, cheese, cranberries, apples, potatoes, cherries and of course corn and soybeans.

But the Northern one third of the state contains woodlands, wilderness, lakes and a more rural recreational atmosphere.  Camping, fishing, boating, biking in the summer and cross country skiing, snowmobiling, ice fishing, snow shoeing in the winter.  In the fall it turns to a kaleidoscope of color attracting thousands of visitors (even that Miata “WI MADE”).


Devil’s Lake Wisconsin

But these North woods offer us some unique Wisconsinmade gift options.  The seasons changes bring beautiful colors to the countryside.


Wooden desk set

The woods also provide us with beautiful hardwood kitchen and office items, wonderful maple syrup, fabulous photography, treats from the kitchens of the woods and guide books to help us enjoy all the woods have to offer.


Tourism, recreation, fishing, hunting, golf, boating, camping, biking, and all things outdoors are the fun and “living” part of Wisconsin.  One of our older state tourism bumper stickers was “Escape to Wisconsin” and it is still the moto of many Wisconsin residents and fans from nearby states that view Wisconsin as “My very own State Park”.


North woods Fall reflection by Marilyn Collins

We travel the state from end to end to meet artisans that produce these fine products for  We love the North woods color this time of year.  Watch for the little red convertible “WI MADE”  visiting a talented artisan in a North woods community near you.  And enjoy these beautiful gifts available on that have all been.

Made with Pride and Passion by the Artisans of Wisconsin.
signed by Rick at


Classic Wisconsin Weekends

Cranberries, Apples and Barbeque, Oh My!

The fall harvest festivals in bountiful Wisconsin continue this weekend.  The weather is forecasted to be a beautiful late summer early fall sampling of delight.  So what’s your pleasure?


Gays Mills Apple orchard

The city of Gays Mills in southwestern Wisconsin along with a number of area apple orchards celebrate the Gays Mills Apple Festival.  Saturday and Sunday both have scheduled events for the whole family.   This part of Wisconsin is the drift less region where it was not subjected to the glacial smoothing of the north eastern part of the state.  As a result there are picturesque hills and valleys with twisty roads and overlooks.  The ridges above Gays Mills are home to a number of apple orchards that welcome you with their offerings of apples, turnovers, cider, donuts and a sampling of dairy products from the area.

cranberry guys

Ocean Spray Cranberry harvest

The area in central Wisconsin around Warrens hosts their annual Cranberry Festival.  Cranberries are a major agricultural product for Wisconsin and we rank number one in production with over 60% of the nation’s total output harvested here.  This festival in Warrens celebrates all things cranberry with over 1.300 artisan display booths that stretch out over three miles.  You can take tours of nearby cranberry producing bogs, explore the large arts and crafts fair or sample cranberry themed food products.

beef A Rama Minocqua 2015

Grilling at Beef- A-Rama

There is also a Swiss influenced Octoberfest in New Glarus along with other October fests in a large number of communities throughout Wisconsin.   Or the Beef-A-Rama in Minocqua.  Or the Brew-B-Que in Lodi.  The Travel Wisconsin website is a great resource to find happenings in your area.


Wisconsinmade deluxe cranberry assortment

We hope you and your family can get out there and enjoy this beautiful fall weekend of food fun in Wisconsin.  And if you need quick access to these scrumptious food items check out the cranberry items the apple items and all of our meat selections on

All of them are:

Made with Pride and Passion in Wisconsin

Bacon On A Stick!

4C_WSF_stacked_datedThe Wisconsin State Fair is underway with all the treats and attractions you can imagine.


A wisconsin State Fair Cream Puff pastry

There is of course the world famous Cream Puffs.  As you move through the line you can observe the production process as it happens.

Of course there are brats and beer.   But there is also a large selection of more exotic foods.  Shark bites and alligator bites are two of them.

alligaotr bites

Alligator bites

And how about those items that are “on a stick?” Ok, so here are a few:


Chocolate covered cranberries on a stick

chocolate bacon on a stick

Chocolate covered bacon on a stick

cheesecake on a stick

cheesecake on a stick

Something for everyone!

How about deep fried bacon wrapped tater tots on a stick!

bacon wrapped tater tots

“Lug Nuts” – bacon wrapped tater tots

The winners in the annual Wisconsin State Fair meats competition have been announced.  Congratulatins to Tim Haen of Haen Meat Packing in Kaukauna for his first place bacon and another first place for his Jalapeno Cheese Summer Sausage.

It seems everyone agrees that if it has bacon – it’s better. agrees and includes a smoked bacon sampler and more from Jones Dairy.  One pound of each – cheerywood smoked and hickory smoked bacon.  Yum!

The Wisconsin State Fair is a wonderful day of fun and treats for all.  If you are in the Milwaukee area in early August plan to spend a day here.  If you can’t make it, many of the fine items Made with Pride and Passion by the Artisans of Wisconsin are available on

Wisconsin Food at the Wisconsin State Fair

The Wisconsin State Fair this year runs from August 1 – August 11 and one of the main attractions at the fair every year is the outstanding quality food products which Wisconsin has to offer. Given we are known nationally for our gourmet food, it is no wonder the State Fair has a number of pavilions dedicated to serving up these delectable tasty treats. One such tasty treat is the Cream Puff. If you have never had one, it is a must stop for anyone attending the fair. They truly win a Blue Ribbon attraction.  The cream puffs have their own air conditioned pavilion. There is always a line for the cream puffs, and you can expect anywhere from 25 to over 100 people – but no matter, the line moves fast and while you are standing in line you can  watch, through the display windows, the cream puff chefs making these exquisite creations. The chefs are fun to watch, and they often wave to the public and jester to let us know how much they appreciate our interest.  If you get tired of watching the chefs, then turn your eyes on the people eating the cream puffs.  There are tables to stand at right there in the pavilion where people can dive in and start eating immediately without having to go outside.

wisc-food-state-fair And, if you take a look at the picture of the cream puff, you will understand how fun it might be to watch people try to take a bite out of the cream puff without trajectoring the scrumptious cream center onto the table or person standing next to them.  And not to mention the powdered sugar that gets all over a person’s face and clothing when trying to eat one of the monstrous pastries – what fun!!!  Now the more experienced cream puff eaters (I happen to be one of them) separate the top from the bottom and, as they are separating them,  they make sure there is plenty of cream on both sides. Then one can take a bite without getting too much cream or powdered sugar on their smilling faces.  Yes, they are all smiling because they taste sooo……. Good!.

Although the cream puff is the main food attraction,  there is also a huge Wisconsin Food Pavilion dedicated to all the other gourmet food products Wisconsin is known for. You will find bratwurst, sausage, meats, cranberries, maple syrup, cheese, ice cream, cherries, honey and much more. And, while you are in the Wisconsin Food  Pavilion, don’t miss out on the Grilled Cheese Sandwiches – they are a tasty treat with Read Wisconsin  Cheddar Cheese. By the way, if you miss out on the Fair this year, many of these gourmet food products can be found at all year round.

5 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Wisconsin Food

5-things-probably-didnt-know-wisc-food1. Wisconsin ranks 3rd in potato production in the USA.  In fact, Wisconsin grows the most potatoes of any state East of the Mississippi according the Wisconsin Potato and Vegetable Grower’s Association. 

2. The first ice cream sundae was dished up in Two Rivers, Wisconsin.  According to the Wisconsin Historical Society, a regular customer came to a soda fountain and asked if he could have some chocolate sauce (usually reserved only for sodas) on top of his ice cream scoop. The shop’s owner thought he was crazy, but once he tried it he liked it so much that he started selling the concoction for five cents, and the sundae was born!

3. Studies show that eating cheese can help prevent tooth decay. We all know that eating sugary foods can cause tooth decay and cavities, but did you know cheese has the opposite effect? Studies show that eating cheese can help reduce the buildup of acids that damage your teeth. Yet another reason to enjoy some Wisconsin cheese!

4. Wisconsin is home to the world’s only Master Meat Crafter program. You may have heard of a Wisconsin Master Cheesemaker, but every year the University of Wisconsin Meat Science laboratory trains a group of Master Meat Crafters. Applicants must have at least five years of experience in the meat industry to apply. Check out my blog post about the first group of Master Meat Crafters.

5. Cranberries don’t grow in water. You’ve seen the cranberry commercials with the two guys standing around in a cranberry bog, so you probably guessed that cranberries grow in water. Not so! They actually grow on vines that are low to the ground, then the growers flood the fields so the cranberries will float to the top for easy harvesting!

For more Wisconsin food facts, check out my 100 Wisconsin Food Facts blog post!

Have a Healthy Holiday with Wisconsin Food Gifts

For the most part, I’m all for pigging out around the holidays, but sometimes it’s better to give a healthy holiday treat.  Maybe you have a family member that is trying to stay healthy and you don’t want to derail them with a box of cookies, or maybe giving a cheese and sausage gift basket to your running buddy seems counter productive.  Whatever the reason, there are plenty of healthy yet delicious holiday food gifts around.  Believe it or not, some of them even come from Wisconsin.  The state that is famous for cheese and bratwurst is also known for cranberries, cherries and other healthy holiday treats.

Dried Cherries


No Sugar Added Tart Dried Cherries – Tart dried cherries are hard to find outside of Wisconsin so they are a popular gift on  A nutritious topping for salad or cereal, tart dried cherries also have antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, according to the Wisconsin Cherry Growers Association. Other cherry goodies that make sweet gifts: cherry salsa and cherry jam.






Dried CranberriesCranberries– Cranberries are a ruby in the Wisconsin agricultural crown. Studies suggest that cranberry rich diets have the potential to prevent heart disease, ulcers and certain types of cancer. If you enjoy dried cranberries, try Curbanies. This sweet snack is similar to a dried cranberry, but goes through a special drying process so they retain some moisture. For an even sweeter cranberry treat try some dark chocolate covered cranberries.







Movie Popcorn
Popcorn– An extra large bag of movie popcorn can contain thousands of calories, but it’s the butter that’s to blame, not the popcorn.  The gourmet popcorn varieties grown in Wisconsin have plenty of flavor without all the extra toppings.  You can even taste the difference between the types of kernels.  Dieters love popcorn for the satisfying crunch without the calories and fat of other salty snacks. Not sure how to pop kernels without the bag? Check out this blog post with stove-top popping instructions.

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