wisc-specialties-1I read an article today on the Saveur website called 7 Things You Can Only Get In Wisconsin. I’m a Madison resident so I can attest that this is a great list that includes some of my favorites, but as you drool over the hunger-inducing descriptions of Wisconsin specialties, don’t despair if you’re out of state, a few of these local treats are  available for shipment nationwide.

Quince and Apple preserves for example, including the shallot confit mentioned in the article, are available online at Wisconsinmade.com. You can even send a gift box with the preserves plus Wisconsin cheese and Potter’s Crackers (more on these later) to your favorite foodie this Christmas. My personal favorite preserve flavor from Quince and Apple is the Fig and Black Tea. I use it a few different recipes including Pioneer Woman’s Fig and Prosciutto Pizza. I’ve tried this recipe with other types of fig spread and Quince and Apple just can’t be beat.

wisc-specialties-2Babcock Hall Ice Cream is a another treat mentioned in the artlce, and it’s a favorite of University of Wisconsin grads and Madison townies alike. With the help of coolers and dry ice, your favorite Babcock Hall flavor can be shipped to your door. I agree with the author that Mocha Macchiato is a winner, but I’d also like to add Orange Custard Chocolate Chip and Peanut Butter Cup to the list of must-try flavors.

Now that we’ve cleared up that these tasty treats ARE in fact available outside of the state, what other  Wisconsin specialties can you find online? Here are some more of my favorites.

Potter’s Crackers– Everyone loves crackers, but do you know anyone who gets amped about crackers? I do! I legitimately get excited when I see Potter’s Crackers. They taste like they are freshly baked right here in town- because they are!

Babcock Hall Cheese– As the author of the Saveur article mentioned, some cheesemakers in Wisconsin go to school to earn the title of Master Cheesemaker. They study at Babcock Hall at the University of Wisconsin in Madison.  So you can get cheese made by the people who teach the masters how to make cheese!

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