Wisconsin State Cow Chip Throw and Festival is happening this weekend in Prairie du Sac, WI. Bands begin playing Friday night, and Saturday morning children start tossing cow chips. Adults take aim in the afternoon. Lots of laughs, dancing, food, beer, fun, a cow chip walk/run and an arts and craft show are on schedule for everyone to enjoy. 

I first learned of the Prairie du Sac festival from a newspaper article which said that Wisconsin’s unofficial state muffin is the cow chip muffin. I admit to feeling flu symptoms at the time which is why I actually paused to consider the truth of this reporter’s statement. At last I realized that this couldn’t be true because it is much more logical for Wisconsin’s state pancake to be the cow chip pancake. A chocolate pancake image fits more with my image of cow chips. Not muffins, – a good muffin is, well… “too poofy.”

Maybe the reporter meant to say that the cow pie is Wisconsin’s unofficial candy. Baraboo Candy’s locally famous Cow Pie Candy is creamy milk chocolate covering sweet caramel and pecans. It’s all dressed up to look like those real cow pies scattered across America’s Dairyland, but it tastes and smells a whole lot better. I’ve no doubt these cow pie candies will be on hand at the festival. So head to the festival and enjoy fun with cow pies, both real and chocolate. For a sneak preview of the cow pie candy, click on “Continue reading…”.

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