What is the state animal of Wisconsin?

Cow Cheese That’s a tough question, because unless you are a University of Wisconsin-Madison graduate, a black and white diary cow probably comes to mind when you think of Wisconsin.  Sadly for the cow, he is not the official state animal of Wisconsin, it is in fact the Badger.  The cow IS however, the state’s official domesticated animal.  That title makes me smile because it sounds like the person in charge picked the Badger for the state animal, signed the papers to make it official, and then slapped himself in the forehead “Oh yeah! DUH! I forgot about the cows!”.  Well here at Edible Antics, we didn’t forget about you, old faithful dairy cow.  Here are the Top 5 Wisconsin Cow food gifts, most of them edible.

1. Cow Cheese– In the picture above, this cute little cow is actually a wax wrapping for tasty Wisconsin cheddar cheese! Cheesemakers sometimes use wax wrappers to indicate how long the cheese has been aged- clear wax is mild, red wax is sharp, and black wax is extra sharp.  What does cow wax mean? I like to think it says “This cheese is totally and awesomely Wisconsin!”.

2. Cow and Santa– This is not food and totally out of season, but it’s so cool it must be included in this list.  This pewter ornament has Santa Claus riding a cow! It actually makes a lot of sense for Santa to ride a cow- he eats lots of cookies, and his cow would give him easy access to milk!

3 . Cow Pies- They look like the kind in the pasture, but fortunately that’s where the resemblance ends. Candy cow pies contain delicious caramel, pecans, and chocolate.

4. Peanut Butter Cows-  You have probably heard of peanut butter and chocolate in cup form, but in Wisconsin we prefer the cow shape.

Chocolate Shoppe Ice Cream  5. Chocolate Shoppe Ice Cream–  I think we owe it to the Wisconsin dairy cows to use their milk in the most delicious way possible, and Wisconsin ice cream from the Chocolate Shoppe has definitely done that.  Made with rich, BGH-free cream, Chocolate Shoppe Ice Cream is so deliciously decadent it does the Wisconsin cow proud.