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Gifts For Her

Mother’s Unusual Gifts For Her Daughter – How We Play With Food At The Fair

This past week my daughter and I exchanged gifts. They were unusual gifts, and yes, we did have to buy them, at least I had to buy some of mine.

Our friendship gifts were not what you’d guess, unless you too had a child who needed help with a project. My gift to her was my time, my attention, and my patience… and of course, the cost of project materials.

Her gift to me was her attention, cooperation, perseverance, and her smiles. For a pre-teen these can be extremely expensive.

And our project? It was a completely zen endeavor, having no meaning, usefulness or legacy other than the silly delight it engendered in two hapless souls.

You see it in the picture here. It looks like a contraption of some sort. It’s candy, Jello, and butter-cream frosting on slabs of Styrofoam. Absolutely gross if you think about it. And it’s 10-year-old Lauren’s 4-H Club entry in the county fair competition.

Keep reading for more about how we play with food.

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Will This Chocolate Brownie Recipe Win The 4-H Club Competition At The County Fair?

‘Brownies’ is one of the food categories in which 10-year-olds can compete in the 4-H Club competitions at the county fair. Tuesday, when my own 10-year-old saw this, she tapped the 4-H Club booklet and said, “I’ll make BROWNIES!..I’ll use the chocolate brownie recipe you used for those brownies you brought to our class party. Those brownies disappeared first from the treats table and people asked me for the recipe. So I know those chocolate brownies are sure to win at the fair!”

What confidence, I thought. My daughter likes to win. And I’m glad she liked the brownies, but to be honest, those chocolate brownies were the very first I’d ever made that did not come from a box mix. So I wasn’t surprised that Lauren liked them better than our usual ones. But are these chocolate brownies actually good enough to win a 4-H Club prize at the county fair?

My uncertainty stems from the fact that I never got to eat one of the brownies. I made them right before I took them to the party. In a flash, they were gone. I never got the opportunity to form my own opinion about them. And it’s not like kids have discriminating tastes when it comes to desserts. So I’ll just have to make them again and see for myself what sort of competitive edge this chocolate brownie recipe may have over others. Keep reading for the recipe so you can form your own opinion.

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