Here is an easy recipe for Asparagus and Egg Salad which I plan to make for Easter dinner. The combination of green asparagus, white hard-boiled eggs, and sweet red pepper make this an attractive and colorful vegetable side-dish.Not only is asparagus and egg salad quick to prepare, but it can be made earlier in the day, then chilled in the ‘fridge until served or taken on the road to Grandma’s house. It is a natural accompaniment for ham, lamb or any special-occasion meats. And there’s one last reason to make a salad with asparagus and eggs: they are both signs of spring.

Perhaps the egg symbol is so over-commercialized it is tired, but asparagus is a special sign of joy to anyone living in rural Wisconsin. Darlene Kronschnabel, author of  Seasons In A Country Kitchen Cookbook, writes:

“One of the tremendous benefits of country living in the spring is picking wild asparagus. In fact, I hold  my breath each spring not quite believing the season is here until I see the delicate green shoots peeping out to greet the sunshine. Then I know spring is here. For, if the ground is warm enough for the asparagus to grow, it is warm enough to plant the garden…The best way to gather wild asparagus is to take a small child by the hand and leisurely walk the farm fence lines. You will rediscover the wonder of nature while eager young eyes will discover the joys of finding the tender green spears hidden beneath last year’s dried ferns.”

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