Garage sale Saturday! A whole day of standing in the driveway with all the stuff I no longer want, my kids no longer want, and the other two families who are doing the sale with us no longer want. A lot of stuff. Some stuff is in the driveway because we once needed it but then the kids grew and now we don’t. Other stuff is in the driveway because it has since been replaced by better stuff. And some stuff we wonder why we ever bought in the first place, – sort of like those mutual funds that are now going for garage-sale prices.

As we stand in the driveway exhausted from all of the sorting, hauling, pricing, and arranging, we tell each other that a garage sale is worth all this effort. Like a mantra, we repeat these reasons:

  1. Garage sales force us to cull all the things in our house that we no longer use.
  2. Garage sales are ecologically friendly because our junk goes into someone else’s house rather than a landfill.
  3. Garage sales earn just enough money to finance some small unnecessary purchase which we’ll sell at a future garage sale. (That’s called re-stocking inventory.)

And as long as the weather is nice, our kids love garage sales. Our children join the league of neighbor children roaming to other houses from which they return with new “toys” they garnered from someone else’s “free box”.

So if you’re thinking about having a garage sale, I say go for it. It’s the new American experience. Be sure as you cull your closets, you also cull the cupboards and ‘fridge. I made some small change by having a mini-bake sale and I cleaned the cupboards simultaneously. Plus the kids (and dog) enjoyed manning our mini-bakery and practicing arithmetic. It was an easy way for the kids to earn money (okay, not much but we covered costs) and have fun. Keep reading for the details and a recipe for delicious, homemade strawberry coffee cake that used up 2 1/2 cups of strawberries from the 7 lb box of strawberries I thought I was saving money on. Going green has its price, but can taste delicious!

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