I’m not that talented. My worries have to wait in line because I can only consider them one by one. Even so, some worries are so bold that they budge, insisting they are more important than the others. But even as I hurry to give each its due in turn, I can only speak to one at a time. This delinquency makes them even more impatient with me.

But today is different. Today is Thanksgiving. And given that I can only attend to one thought in my head at a time, on this day I grant my attention to gratitude. When gratitude arrives, all my blessings race into line. They squirm and twist, waving to be noticed, “Think of me! Think of me! Your’e thankful for me!”

Yes, I am thankful for you, my children…Yes, I am thankful for you, great sun. And for you, firm ground beneath my feet. And of course, you, air that I breathe, even when you’re dirty. Don’t be shy now, my food, spelled out on this table of thanks. I know I am blessed with you too. Thank you for your bounty, – an abundance so great, I can share you with others, and so be sustained.

So true, when I am thankful, I am unable to worry. So why do my hours of thanks only last one day?

And now to thoughts of Drunken Pumpkin Pie. I thank Marge Snyder and Suzanne Breckenridge, authors of Wisconsin Country Gourmet, for the recipe. I’m baking a double batch of this pie to share with friends at Thanksgiving celebrations today and tomorrow. I may not be able to share the pie with you, but Marge and Suzanne permit me to share the recipe. The recipes in their Wisconsin gourmet cookbook are outstanding. It was their recipe for peach pie that created the best pie I have ever baked! Marge and Suzanne show off the finest flavors in Wisconsin food, as well as the spirit and heritage of Wisconsin’s fine people. Enjoy.

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