Making homemade pizza from scratch can be intimidating, but there aren’t many things more satisfying than smelling a fresh baked crust and melt-y cheese when you open the oven to scoop your homemade pizza on to your pizza peel.  Ok, I can think of one thing more satisfying- eating the homemade pizza! Here are a list of some pizza tools that will make your homemade pizza baking easy as pizza pie.

1. Pizza Stone–  aka a baking stone.  A pizza stone is a flat piece of stone, small enough to fit in your oven but large enough for your pizza to sit on.  You put the stone in your oven BEFORE you preheat.  This way, the stone gets hot, and when you put your pizza on it, the crust will get extra crispy, giving you the pizzeria taste at home. If you’re wondering how to get the pizza on the hot stone without burning yourself, read on.

2. Cornmeal-Ever wonder why pizzeria pizzas have cornmeal on the bottom? Cornmeal is an important pizza tool that pizza makers use to slide the pizza from the peel (see #3) to the oven.  With a generous sprinkle of cornmeal on a pizza peel, your dough will easily slide from peel to stone without sticking.  Just don’t try and use flour, because a) it burns easily and b) it just doesn’t work, I know, I tried and ended up with a very ugly “calzone” instead of a pizza. For ideas on the best pizza dough, visit my pizza crust post.

3. Pizza Peel– A wooden paddle looking device.  Sprinkle it with cornmeal (see #2) and put the pizza crust on top.  Then you slide the pizza right on to the stone.  When your homemade pizza is done, use the peel to scoop it out of the oven. This handmade wooden pizza peel will make you feel like a real pizza professional, and it’s less than $15 at


Pizza Peel



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