Normally my cooking acrobatics revolve around getting my picky-eater children to eat the nutritious dinners I serve them. Yes, I’ve molded meatloaf into animal shapes, concealed vegetables under pasta and potatoes, or doused everything with a hearty helping of melted cheese. But sometimes the tables turn, usually when I’m cooking pork.

You see, when it comes to pork, I’m the picky-eater. There’s something about cooked pork, maybe the dense texture, likely the flavor, that I just don’t enjoy. To me pork is tasty when I can’t taste it. That means it’s been baked or barbecued for hours beneath a barbecue sauce and all I’m really tasting is the sauce. The one baked pork chop recipe I really like is the result of my own picky-eater ingestion-inducing tactic; I bake pork chops smothered in cream of mushroom soup and French-style green beans. My mother came up with that pork chop recipe and now I bake it for my kids. Why? -because I’m doomed to have kids who like pork. And pork, compared to other meat, is highly affordable. So when the grocer had pork chops on sale for $1.99/lb, into the basket they went. But what to do with them?

I tried a new recipe that I thought I might like. The pork chops are baked in a sweetened tomato sauce spiked with beer. This pork recipe I figured I could stomach. Keep reading for this kid-friendly, easy baked pork chop recipe.

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