Unusual Mother’s Day gifts are more usual than you might think, at least in my experience. How often have my happy children given me a Mother’s Day gift and, while smiling grandly, I enthuse, “What is it?”

Most recently, I was given a pink-painted with purple spots, plastic yogurt lid. This was no cheesy gift – this was from from a large yogurt container.

“It’s a candle holder!” came the squeals of delight. Then a flash of concern on my child’s face, “Don’t you like it?”

“Oh, yes! It’s wonderful. Let’s go put a candle on it right now!”

Other years I’ve received a house plant -(non-flowering), a plaster of Paris blue jay on a stick (they bought that, – it routinely aroused the cat), and a bat house. Perhaps the bat house was the most unusual gift, and I admit I had requested it. Attracting mosquito-eating bats seemed like a good idea. But that plain, wooden box hanging askew on a backyard tree has yet to entice a bat to take up residence. What bat mother would want to raise her children there? I recognize her reluctance.

So the question seems to be what are desirable yet unusual Mother’s Day gifts? Keep reading for some gift ideas.

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