Bob Dylan sang, “He who is not busy being born is busy dying.” And heaven knows, unless tragically instantaneous, dying is a busy time. All those financial, emotional, and spiritual preparations have to be made, and doctors visited. Death may be peaceful, but dying is busy. Dying is the biggest change a lifeform can undergo, even bigger than a butterfly’s metamorphosis. And despite assurances that death is rather nice uttered by those few people who did die but were brought back to life, we consider a healthy life one that is not busy dying.

So what about the “busy being born”? What’s that all about? I can imagine a newborn just emerged from the womb asking in dismay, “You mean I’m not done?, – after all I’ve been through?!” No, a lot more beginnings will happen to the child…and the adult. And some of these we mark with graduations, – our social recognitions of personal change.

So what’s all this got to do with food at a graduation party? Keep reading, and you’ll get a bonus recipe for Jenny Lynn cookies created by a Wisconsin woman who is very busy being born.

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