Thanks for one year of food fun! Yes, Edible Antics is a year old. Who knew I'd be cooking in public? Some people shouldn't; I'm one of them. But I get paid to do it, and as you know, anyone can have blog.

So instead of telling you the latest story of what I've burned  or what questionably-edible concoction I've forced on my family, I want to thank the food bloggers and cookbook writers who've definitely improved my cooking over this past year.

First, the food bloggers. Google shows 52,600,000 food blogs in the blogosphere. Can't say I've been to all of them. And most of the ones I've visited I don't leave comments on. It's not that I'm not thankful for the delicious recipes and professional-styled food pics I see, it's just that I have nothing especially interesting to say that other commenters haven't already written. But just so I don't appear a rude voyeur, to all of you 52,599,000 other food bloggers out there: "WOW! YOUR FOOD LOOKS YUMMY! THANKS FOR THE RECIPE!"

But a special thanks goes to the food bloggers who go to the extra trouble to hold recipe round-ups. I enjoy participating in them. They get me thinking about food as art rather than quick, family fuel. Sharing a cooking theme with others is a lot more fun than cooking alone. So thank you. Listed in alphabetical order are the bloggers whose round-ups I've enjoyed:

Adventures in Gluttony

Art You Eat

Coffee and Vanilla

Food Blogga

Lucullian Delights – An Italian Experience

Ruth's Kitchen Experiment

Sweet and Simple Bakes Recipes

Wild Yeast

Winos and Foodies And a special thanks to Barbara who has used her Winos and Foodies blog to bring encouragement and financial support to people suffering from cancer. Barbara is again fighting her own cancer battle.She's losing the strength to cook and write. Her appetite is fading. But the joy of life bubbling in her blog posts and pictures is always alive in the perennial blogosphere. Barbara's enthusiasm for the good life has drawn reader after reader to her site. And now they write back, offering support. At my last look, 72 people have commented on her most recent post, wishing her well.

And that's the incredible thing about blogs. We write them alone; we read them alone. But we do it because we are not alone. We help each other cook; we help each other laugh; we help each other hang in there.

It's sort of a speeded-up version of what traditional cookbooks have always done. The cookbooks I've enjoyed most are those in which the author tells stories about cooking food. The stories bring alive the special people who created the recipes, and the loved ones with whom they shared it at family celebrations.

Here are some of my favorites in no particular order:

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