I talk a good game with all of my cooking and baking tips, but the truth is I’ve had some major kitchen disasters. There have been awesome triumphs too, but the failures are more fun to talk about.  The story of how I made perfect muffins is WAY less interesting than the time I made a bleeding cake.  Yep, that’s right, a bleeding cake.

I grew up in the south and one day I discovered the joy of red velvet cake. This is what a red velvet cake is suppose to look like:

Red Velvet Cake

I bought some red velvet cake mix so I could try it at home.  I baked up two layers and anxiously awaited my delicious cake. I was so excited that I couldn’t wait to put the icing on and dig in.  I thought the cake was “cool enough” and started icing.  This is when I discovered that red velvet cake mix is just chocolate cake mix with some red food dye.   The still hot cake caused the red dye to turn the white icing red, and this created creepy blood like red drops running down the side of the cake as the icing melted- not very appetizing. I was so embarrassed at the time I didn’t take a picture so please enjoy the Microsoft Paint rendering of the event:

Ok, maybe my amateur sketch is a little exaggerated…. the cake didn’t have red eyes and angry eye brows, but you get the idea. So the moral of the story?

1) Wait until your cake is COMPLETELY cool before icing it, or leave the cake baking to the professionals.

2) Kitchen disasters can turn into fun cooking stories.

3) Kitchen disasters can sometimes lead to cool Halloween party ideas, like a bleeding cake!

Have you had some funny cooking and baking mishaps? Comment below and tell me your story.