cookie-exchange-1Today the staff had our second annual cookie exchange! Let’s face it, getting your coworkers gifts is awkward. If you get one for one coworker, you have to get one for EVERY coworker. It’s also super, crazy, insanely busy at during the holidays. We’re so busy helping others with their Christmas gifts that we sometimes forget to take care of our own gift shopping. So for these reasons, and many others (including the general awesomeness of cookies and the desire to feed our hungry husbands/boyfriends) we opt for the cookie exchange.

The cookie exchange rules are simple, in fact, they are more like guidelines. We bake enough cookies for about six small cookies per person. Then, we e-mail our cookie exchange coordinator Marilyn to let her know what kind of cookies you are making so people don’t double up.  As company President, Linda gets first dibs on making Russian Tea Cakes from the Betty Crocker cookbook.  Beverly uses her seniority to claim the peanut butter cookies with the Hershey kisses on top. Also, someone MUST make Oreo Truffles, Hannah in customer service took on the challenge, with great success I might add! Next, we package the cookies in individual servings. Plastic baggies are acceptable, bonus points for festive plastic tupperware or Christmas plates! The term “cookie” can also be interpreted to mean brownies, fudge, candy, chocolate dipped pretzels…pretty much anything sweet and festive. For those of us who can’t bake, store bought cookies are acceptable. Christine from customer service brings in cookies from the New Glarus Bakery and they are a welcomed addition to the cookie assortment!

I did a little research around the internet to see if there were other cookie exchange ideas for next year, and here’s what I found:

What’s your must-have favorite Christmas cookie?