How to test an oven’s temperature to confirm that the oven is working properly? The answers I found on Google appeared pretty straight-forward. I just needed to put an oven thermometer into the oven, set the oven to 350 degrees, turn the oven on, and when the oven beeps saying it believes it’s 350 degrees, I check and see if the thermometer agrees. If they don’t agree then either the oven isn’t working, the thermometer isn’t working, or both. But which one is right? Sounds like I’m back to my original question, but now my thermometer may be on the fritz too.

The web cooks I consulted said to buy a good oven thermometer. Sounds pricey. They also instructed how to remove control knobs and reset the temperature gauge. Sounds easy. But my oven lacks knobs, it’s flat-screened. Some web cooks said the temperature in a working oven can vary 20 to 50 degrees from the set temperature, and if this is the case, don’t mess with resetting the controls; the oven’s okay. I like this last answer, – not to mess with it. I haven’t messed with my oven temperature controls yet, and we’re still eating cooked food. Or are we?

The safety of my cooked food was questioned last night in an animated debate between my stomach and the science adviser who resides in my brain. My thought manager did her best to moderate the debate, but she finally had to shut down the discussion. My stomach was too septic to be civil. And here was the cause of the argument: A flourless chocolate cake. Click on “continued reading…” for a recipe and debate transcript.

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