Sometimes good food makes all the difference. When a situation has good points and bad, – when today can create either a memory of horror or laughter, – sometimes it’s food that decides future history. For me, gingerbread is one of these history-making foods.

I once spent a week’s vacation in a cabin on a lake completely surrounded by virgin forest. The nearest road-sign was miles away. It was an idyllic scene, on the outside. Inside the cabin, however… well, my husband and I knew we were not alone. The cabin’s inside was creepy, -not spooky, rather creepy crawling with insects. Insects of all varieties crept through the cabin’s walls, around the beds, and inside the stuffed furniture. To sit on the couch was to be swarmed by invisible creatures which set the skin to furious itching. We instantly learned to sit only on the hard, upright wooden chairs at the ancient oak dining table. Yes, the┬ácabin was infested. Try as they might, the legions of spiders stationed at all corners, in all crevices, could not annihilate the insect infiltrators. We tried not to interfere with the vigilant spiders. We regret the flood that washed many away when the toilet over-flowed. We’re sorry we burned some up in the oven when we lit it. But then again, we burned up our food too. Click on “continued reading…” to read how gingerbread saved the day and to get a fantastic gingerbread recipe.

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