The Mustard Museum in Middleton, Wisconsin is right up my ally because it brings together two of my favorite things- quirkiness and food.mustard-museum



At, we focus on one state and find as many gifts as we can. The Mustard Museumis sort of our polar opposite, they focus on one condiment and try to find samples of it in as many places as they can. The museum’s main attraction, the Great Wall of Mustard, has 5,200 mustards from 50 states and 60 countries. Besides the Great Wall, there are plenty of other once in a lifetime mustard attractions. Have you see the World’s Only Mustard Vending Machine? I have! And don’t miss out on Mustardpeice Theater where you can watch a film all about mustard.

A Foodie’s Delight

If you are the kind of person that goes to Costco and fills up on samples for lunch, the Mustard Museum gift shop will be your dream come true since there are plenty of samples, and you can buy mini pretzels and mini bratwursts for $1. The best plan of action for tasting mustard is to browse the┬ámustard┬ájars that are available for purchase and if you see one that sounds yummy, bring it over to the Tasting Bar. The knowledgeable “Condiment Counselors” will let you try the mustard, then recommend similar mustard that you might like. I walked out with no less than five jars of mustard, including my new all time favorite mustard- Three Monkeys. It’s a sweet and spicy creation with a hint of monkey- just kidding!

Give the Gift of Mustard

Mustard makes an awesome gift because you can give a variety of flavors that match your hometown or personality. Are you from Wisconsin? Give some Cranberry Mustard. Have a ton of school spirit? The Mustard Museum has tons of mustards with school logos. Plus, mustard is low in calories and high in flavor so you can give a tasty treat without ruining anyones diet.

Can’t make it to the National Mustard Museum? You can still find some of Wisconsin’s finest mustards at including several Mustard Museum gift packs.

What’s your favorite kind of musard?