Thank you gifts I wrote about previously focused on paying it forward. Today I commend great, big, unusual thank you gifts for family co-workers, and dogs. When one is blessed with many people to thank, sometimes it’s best to throw a party, – a thank-you party.

And that’s what Madison Mutts did yesterday at the Capital Brewery. Madison Mutts is an all-volunteer organization that finds homes for rescue dogs. The organization’s east-side location uses most of its facility for dog training classes rather than kennels because many of the dogs rescued live in foster homes until adopted. The families who open their homes to these stray dogs love them, care, for them, and ultimately give them up. How can the organization Madison Mutts say thank you to volunteers like these? They throw a party, – a thank you party, – Wisconsin-style with lots of beer, – dogs invited.

But this Madison thank you party was also a benefit. For a token donation, the public was invited to bring their dogs to the Capital Brewery and party with other dog lovers. We listened to live music, drank beer, ate pizza, and just reveled in a gorgeous, end-of-Wisconsin-summer afternoon. What a great way for an organization to show its appreciation. 

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